Meet the Mets!

Alternatively, I could have titled this post "The Day I Got on the 'Tron"


Okay, well you can't see me right there, but I promise you I was on there for like a second.

Or, "Knitters Take Shea"? Despite what the NYT wrote there were no light-up needle freebies, and some of us were actual baseball fans and not a bunch of bimbos with pointy sticks.

Ours, all ours!

Yup, it's the annual Stitch and Pitch at Shea Stadium. Thanks to The Spiders, a ticket fell into my hands. And thanks to the 7 train, I actually made it there (yes, after Wednesday morning I was surprised as well).

I got interviewed for my first video podcast:


Let me tell you that whole "Way! No Way!" bit is going to make podcasting history.

Whew, all the camaraderie (and beer?) must have gone to my head. Pretty soon I started seeing fibery things everywhere!

Hey, is that roving you're handing out? No, just cotton candy.

And, look, are they carding that field? Oh, no, just raking the dirt.


Much fun was to be had. All the knitting! I can't believe that I saw knitters working on lace. Me? I could barely keep track of my two stripes.


Kate's sweater made it to Shea! This is appropriate. I hear that Kate's a big Carolina Mudcats fan.


oh, it looks like it was so much fun!


I went to a Pirates Stitch n Pitch last year and it was so much FUN!!!

great pics and recap. i learned that I cannot knit and watch baseball at the same time. at all. i simply can't concentrate!

that nyt piece was l-a-m-e. i get less and less impressed by that paper. stoller's comments were especially horrific being the die hard Mets fan that i am. "I root for whatever New York team that happens to be winning!" AGHH, God that drives me nuts. . .

I think I saw you there. Were you standing near the gate 22 entrance with Fig and plun Jess?

Great knitting.
Great color commentary.
But who won the GAME????

Heh. I'm a Mets fan *and* a Mudcats fan. Funny how we displaced New Yorkers work it. :) That looks like so much fun, though! Too bad there's only one month of under 90-degree baseball here in NC (too hot for baseball KIP!)...

It looks like a great time and the lace knitters must not be baseball fans.

Not surprisingly the NYT doesn't get it.

oooh, i'm so jealous- i am a HUGE mets fan.

see you later!

OK, the first thing I have to say is Go Sox! Now that's out of the way, accept my compliments for a charming post. Mistaking cotton candy for roving, and similar quirks of perception, indeed reveals the depth of our obsession.

Me, too!! Had loads of fun at Shea, and everybody in my family grabbed a bag for me. Lots of yarn here!

Wish I'd known where you were, so that I could have spent the game debating about whether or not I should introduce myself and then decide not to and then kick myself on the way home for not doing it. Look at all the potential fun I missed. Where were you? I was behind the guy knitting who got onto the same podcast you did.

Two of my favorite things, knitting and baseball! Does it get any better? oh yeah, beer!

It was much fun wasn't it? How did I miss your podcast interview?!?

Yes! It gets better! Go Sox! Football on the Way to the Super Bowl! Miami tonight, checking the competition.
Going to be beautiful sweater.

Oh, it looks like it was fun, but the best picture by far is precious Kate! what a sweetie she looks! What a peach, what with the reference to the Carolinas...

Lucky you to have her as a niece!

That roving, I mean cotton candy, was delicious! I didn't even notice you snapping a pic as it was being passed down :)
We had a ball!

Despite the soupy heat, the game was a lot of fun!

What, no Yankees?

I was going to comment on you being on the Tron. Then I was going to comment on your knitting. But THEN I saw that baby! All thoughts went away and all I could think!!!!

Wow...knitting & sports, actively I guess this means I don't have to keep it a secret anymore that I love to watch baseball (Red Sox) while I knit? But I must say, LACE? I just ain't that good - I pay too much attention to the game! LOL

as long as you weren't at a yankees game

could you spin cotton candy into yarn? mmmmm

i just wish it had been a touch more comfy out. i got basically no knitting done and felt repugnant. but it was still fun!

I wish I could've made the S'n'B here in Washington; hopefully next year at the new stadium. Shea looks like it was a blast!

Let's Go Mets! Let's Go Mets!

There. Now I feel like I was there.

Sounds like it was a lot of fun.


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