Lazy Summer Days

As of 10am this morning I was still the only one in my office. For a while I wondered if I had missed the take-Friday-off-it's-summer memo.

My knitting, however, is most definitely not taking the summer off. It keeps me hopping. Fair warning: I'm about to delve into a technical discussion that involves knitting math. If this is too much for you (and, hey, I don't blame you if it is) then just click on over to another knitting blog. You have every excuse not to keep reading.


So, one of the things that I like about the Child's Placket Neck Sweater from LMKG is that it's an easy pattern to modify. And you know if there's one thing that Subway Knitter likes doing, it's modifying patterns.

Or I should say that I'm not afraid of doing it. I sometimes don't enjoy the process, but I enjoy bossing around a pattern so that I does what I need it to do.

In this case I needed the pattern to accommodate a different yarn. The yarn that I'm using has a very similar stitch gauge (4.75 sts/in instead of the called-for 4.25 sts/in) to, but a hugely different row gauge (5.25 rows/in instead of the pattern's 8 rows/in) than the Lorna's for which the pattern was designed. Normally, if the stitch gauge is just a wee off, I'll mostly fudge the adjustments. I'll double check the number of cast-on stitches or change the overall amount of decreased or increased stitches. But if the instructions say to bind off three stitches, I'm not going to bother to worry about the fact that, at my gauge, I should be binding off 3.35 stitches. That's not enough of a difference to make a difference (and it goes without saying that one cannot bind off .35ths of a stitch).

But, the significant difference in row gauge and a slight difference in stitch gauge meant that not only would I need to adjust the number of decreased stitches in the shoulder shaping (125 stitches decreased instead of 112) but also that the larger number of decreased stitches would need to be spaced within fewer rows (15 decrease rows in 17 overall rows instead of 14 decrease rows within 26 overall rows).

Is your head spinning yet? Mine certainly was at this point. Furthermore, because these are raglan decreases they need to happen in quantities of 4, 8, 12, or 16 (email me privately if you don't understand why--but to briefly explain: what happens at one raglan needs to happen at all four). Let's think. The pattern decreases eight stitches at a time. 15 x 8 = 120. That's not quite enough stitches for me. How could I add four more decreases to get it to 124? Let's just forget about that extra stitch, 124 or 125, it won't make a huge difference at this gauge.

What if I did a double decrease on one side of each of the the raglan lines in one of the decrease rows? Ha! That'll work. I decided to do it on the first row. So, because four of the decreases are double decreases (and decrease two stitches instead of one), I decreased 12 stitches in that one row instead of only 8. 14 x 8 = 112, 112 + 12 = 124.

Still with me? Good, now follow these instructions: go mix yourself a nice mojito, sit on a beach chair, and relax. It's summer.


Hey, some people need to do all that math. So far, there's you and me! Yay for knitting math :)

Yay! I really like your final instructions. Those I can certainly follow!

I'm having similar fits trying to modify the Wheat Ear Yoke sweater from IK Summer 2007 to fit me. I'm trying to shorten the body because I'm shortwaisted, so I need to do more decreases in a shorter space....

I love math, however, figuring out how big I could make my afghan based on a swatch, weight, and number of balls of yarn almost gave me a headache! I hope your plan for the decreases looks as good as it sounds like it will! =0D

I have a friend who calls me a secret math geek! She says that is why I love and do a lot of knitting! What if you decreased every row instead of every other for 4 rows? Or add one row of decreases, I've done all of the above at one time or another and it turns out great! I say, EMBRACE THAT INNER GEEK!

Does anyone have a pattern for a mojito?

Thanks for the warning. When I saw it this morning, I backed away from the computer in an attempt to flee the math. Only came back much later, well braced. Is a margarita a good mojito substitute? I'm sure we can fiddle with it to get the same gauge!

Wow I actually got the math as presented - however, I would be at a loss to do that myself with a pattern/yarn/gauge etc. The raglan sleeve thing - how do you know such things! (I say that in awe)

All I can say is GAH or something similar. No math No math on a Monday. Mind if I change the Mojito to a Diet Squirt and gin?

As a habitual yarn-substituter and pattern-modifier, I salute you and your wonderful math! (But can I still have that mojito? :D)

That sweater is beyond cute--and the colors really are perfect for the stylish not-quite-a-baby-anymore baby. Love it all!

Pretty picture, then blah, blah, blah.
I have enough math coming at me soon. I have to admit I skimmed some of that post (for now) and will come slinking back when I need to do my own pattern modifications. In the meantime, Cheers!


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