It's a Good Thing...

that I don't use my butt for knitting.

Because, wow, after biking around Long Island on Saturday my behind was a bit sore.

That doesn't mean that I spent my entire weekend biking.

The first sleeve continues to grow.


Happy stripes, happy knitter, happy knitting! Unhappy butt.


Sleeve is looking good! I've been told there are seats that eliminate the sore butt, but haven't found one yet! L

Kate's gonna look like a beautiful bumble bee! How did you do the first rows of the purple? I like the way it looks. BTW--the only cure for bicycle butt is practice. It gets used to it, or the nerves die or something, but you have to ride regularly.

but what a talent if you could? You could surf ravelry with your hands AND knit at the same time (until you have to go to the bathroom, that is....)


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