Now that I'm in New York, I should be thinking about that word as "HOW-ston" not "HEW-ston". I'll let you decide for yourself how to pronounce the title of today's post.

I making great progress on my booties, aided and abetted about a two-hour wait at a doctor's office for a simple prescription re-write (oh yeah, we here at Subway Knitter were in a fine mood after all that).

Then I compared the results.


We have a problem. I obviously knitted a few too many rows in that lower bootie. Luckily these things whip-up very quickly (in fact, they're my new last-minute baby-knitting pattern of choice) and I anticipate super-cute FOs. So, while I was waiting, I frogged the too-long bootie and fixed it to look like the upper version. Whew! Crisis averted.


Those are so cute! I love the colors too, I think I may have to make some.

In NYC the street is called
How ston. In Texas the city is called Hewston
Problem Solved?

The booties are going to be adorable!

You're learning quick!
I think by the end of the summer, you'll be able to knit baby booties with your eyes closed. OK, maybe with your eyes open but without having to look at the pattern!

my husband, who is FROM QUEENS, pronounces the NYC street HYOU-ston. It drives me batty. "HOW-ston? That's stupid! Who ever told you that?" Umm, everyone, dear.

Love the booties! Can you share the pattern? I think my daughter would have fun using up my leftover yarn! Thanks! L

Yeah, I think it's pronounced Hugh-ston.
And in Hugh Grant.
How-ston? Yeah, I don't think so. They tawk funny ova thar.

Two hours for a prescription rewrite? No wonder the second bootie looks different. Perhaps everything is bigger in NYC!

HOWstow HOWston HOWston. Good lord, if you call it HEWston people will think you are a tourist or something. And then mock you. Relentlessly. Ask me how I know. And yes, I think it sounds a bit silly too, but then again, which do you think was around first? (I don't actually know the answer to that question.)

I love the yarn you are using for the booties!

As for the pronunciation debate (and me being a Google-geek)

Wikipedia says...
"This is because Houston Street was named for William Houstoun (note that the spelling is different), long before the fame of Sam Houston, for whom the city in Texas is named."

So there you have it we are bad spellers in NYC, we do not talk funny! :P

Growing up amongst the bridge and tunnel crowd and moving to Boston upon HS matriculation (still in the area 20 years later) while my peers moved to Manhattan, I always loved to chide them about their poser pride in pronouncing Houston Howston.

NYers have big chips on their shoulders. I think that's why they love to live there.

Having the versatility to switch between the two is an important skill. It separates the real ny'ers from the rest of the pack...

Growing up in New York has taught me to pronounce "Houston" "House-ton". I'm guessing you've visited "House-ton" street by train?

I have no idea why they call the street how-sten here, I think it's a NYC thing. Glad to see you found your mojo, the booties ar looking cute.


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