The point of this post (mostly) is to show off my cute (one-year-old) niece.


But another point is to show off her cute clothes.


Did somebody sew this dress for her? Because, like, it's cutie-patootie (hey, just like the niece).


The dress itself is a very simple design, but it's the detailing that makes it. I almost want a dress like this myself. Except that a 32-year-old woman walking around in a dress like this wouldn't look cute. Strange, definitely. Sad? Possibly. Cute? Not so much.

If this is a sewing pattern then I want to know what it is. Imagine the possibilities with a pattern like this. Switch out the blue cotton for some pink gingham and add some green polka-dot ribbons? Spring dress! Green with more green? St. Patrick's Day! Red checks with some red ribbon (with optional bandanna-inspired sunbonnet)? Someone's going to a picnic!

I know that Alison has been doing a lot of sewing for the wee one lately. The dress she used (although extremely cute as finished) would be a great candidate for some ribbon embellishments.


darling both of them!!!!

Gah she's absolutely darling!!!

Absolutely adorable.

She is too cute! That little dress reminds me of one I used to make my duaghter that was reversible. You use two different fabrics, and trim them seperately. Put buttons on both sides of the straps, voila 2 jumpers with only the time committment for one. I'll dig to see if I can find the pattern, I doubt I still have it.

((sigh)) I think my ovaries just skipped a beat...

OMG! Too cute :-)

Kate *is* adorable with her wardrobe and personality - and then some!

BTW, those baby blues look familiar. Literally.

What a great smile!

What an adorable dress on an adorable baby!!

cute! I think a grown woman could get away with wearing a dress like that. If she were Daisy Duke and the skirt was veeeery short!

Kate is precious, what beautiful blue eyes and she obviously loves to have her picture taken.


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