Carrot Juice

Longtime readers might be aware that KIPing photos have fallen from frequency on this here blog. There's no denying that. And let's not even get into the subway knitting photos. Where are all of you so-called NYC subway knitters? Did I scare you away? Come back! Come back!

Anyway, on a recent afternoon I found myself (by virtue of the R train) in Union Square. I realized that it had been a while since I took the time to sit and knit at a café. As one might do upon discovering that one is in Union Square, I headed to Souen, on E. 13th. Shireen introduced me to this establishment a few months ago, and I was happy for the opportunity to return.

Despite what you might think about an establishment that describes itself as macrobiotic, and mostly vegan, Souen is yummy. There I had an appallingly healthy (and extremely tasty) lunch.

I also realized that I'm losing my touch:


I swear to you that there was nothing but carrot juice in that glass.


Carrot juice and a bit of ginger.


Well, I promise to do better next time. But in more upbeat news, I think that I finally have a new banner shot:


Does anybody know the of the font used in the NYC subway?


Colleen, you might have to content yourself with using plain old Helvetica, because the other font doesn't appear to be widely available - the discussion in the comments there is really priceless; font, er, typeface geeks come out of the woodwork. This thread is also pretty helpful looking - and now I guess I've identified myself as a font geek as well.

you should see the exhibition on Helvetica font at the MOMA- it's actually quite cool.

YAY for Souen!

you should see the exhibition on Helvetica font at MOMA- it's actually quite cool.

YAY for Souen!

Yup, Helvetica! The NY Times recently had a fascinating article on it.

love helvetica :) it's a great font.

You didn't scare us away. I knit on the F train almost every day! I'm moving on Saturday, so look for me on the B or Q (BK to MH).

Hate that the T and Boston lost such a great knitter and blogger, but I'm loving the reads on your NY knitting experiences! Keep up the knitting and stories...and...I hope your butt heals soon! I empathize as I just took up spinning (bicycle...not yarn!) and they don't warn you about non-padded, non-women friendly bike seats!

Oh, I'm always knitting on the train (G and A mostly) but I was just thinking the other day, "where did all the knitters go?" I used to see a lot more people knitting a few years and even months ago. Hmmmm I'm sure it has nothing to do with the heat..........

Yeah, we're still here, just hidden by the crowds of people - subway font? huh?

We're here, we're here! Most of the NYC knitters seem to go into hibernation in the summer. At the moment, I think I'm the only one (or the only one I see) on the 4/5 train in Brooklyn. See if you can find me...

And I love Souen too! yum!!

Great shot of the subway! I shudder to think how many tries it took to get it. =-D

To stir the geek pot, see:

(Aptly named) F train knitter, checking in!

You backlinked, so I'm gonna go ahead and comment here...

You'll see me KIPing on the Canarsie and Broadway lines, mostly, year-round. Lately I've been trying to do at least a round/row whenever I take a train, unless it's just too crowded, in which case I catch up on reading.

As for subterranean signage fonts, this is why I just had to comment. This morning I discovered and posted this kickass essay on the history of Toronto's subway font(s):


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