Birthday Knits for Kate!

It's hard to believe, but our girl Kate is about to turn a year old. Whoo-hoo! Way to go! And what better way to celebrate than with some new duds?

Handknit duds, to be exact. How about a sweater? Since the bootie madness has died down around here, it's time to yank out my favorite childrens sweater pattern. The Child's Placket Neck Pullover from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Why is this my favorite pattern? Because it's so easy to modify. I have yet to use the yarn specified in the pattern. Why? I refuse to knit a kid's sweater in anything but easy-care yarn. And to me easy care means machine wash and machine dry.

Late last week my quest began to find some Woolease. You might think that there's just about nothing that you can't find in Manhattan, and I would tend to agree with that. I'm here to tell you, however, that Woolease is not well represented amongst Manhattan yarn establishments.

Oh Windsor Button, how I miss thee!

Queens, however, wasn't about to let me down. We have a Michaels, and of course, Smiley's Yarns (which might form the closest approximation of WB to be had in the five boroughs).

Each of those places should be awash in Woolease. I can't tell you, however, because I never made it to either. Smiley's is closed on Sunday. The Michael's in Woodside required a subway/bus maneuver that I was loathe to attempt on a steamy summer day. A day which came hot on the heels of a very late night (yup, Subway Knitter's a bit of a party girl now and again).

What's a knitter to do? Remember that I blogged about the two yarn stores I discovered just blocks from chez Subway Knitter QNS? I almost forgot about them until Sven reminded me. (See? It's still not second nature to have these things in walking distance.) I struck out at Lamia's. Lots of Red Heart, but really icky colorways of Woolease. But there was Woolease on the shelves, so I can't complain.

Fabric Center is closed on Saturdays. So on Sunday, I stopped off there on (what I thought was) my way to Michael's. Lo and behold! There was no Woolease, but there was lots of something called Lazer by a company called Erdal. According to the label, it's 75 percent acrylic, 25 percent wool. Just about the same fiber content as Woolease. Score! While the label says "hand wash only" I'm not sure why (especially given that a nearby yarn, with the exactly the same fiber content and spin was machine wash and dry). It's soft to the touch, and I'm very happy with the colorways I found.


No more baby colors! We can't have Kate walking around (which she will be, shortly) in something that doesn't reflect the maturity and sophistication that one whole year of life confers.


1) PS Fabrics & Yarn. They are across the street from where they used to be. I'm 99% sure it's 360 Broadway (old address was 355 b'way). Because they just moved I'm not positive he has woolease back in stock. They have lots of other goodies.. They rock.

2) it's overpriced but there is this place across from FIT.. i think it is calls DS Partners. They have woolease.

Lovely colors! I knit several baby booties a while back. They're fun, but get old kinda quick.

Cute color choices for a 1 year old, can't wait to see it!

There's a few stores in the garment district that carry cheap yarns. But then, they close at 5 pm and are not open on the weekends...

I love woolese for children's winter "TV socks". They are warm, and they have that bulky look to them, but are not. They also wash and dry very well.

Excellent choices in the yarns - and a new discovery to boot!

feel free to place an order with me -- i've got a joann's, an AC Moore and a Michael all within 20 minutes of my house and they all carry wool-ease -- and i'll send it to you.

WOW! A year already?! She will love the sweater, those colors are fab!

Daytona Trimmings on 39th street in the garment district also carries Wool Ease, but, as Veronique said, they probably keep banker's hours. PS Fabrics will definitely be worth checking out once they get back in full swing.

Yeah, P&S has never let me down. Except when they close at 2 pm on winter Fridays for the Sabbath. That is actually a pretty big letdown.

Pretty yarn, the sweater will look great!

Great colors! I love knitting bright things for kids. It's even more fun as they get a little older, as they really appreciate it!

Love reading your adventure of trying to find wool-ease in QNS. You know I found Wool (and cotton)-ease in Pearl Paint (San Fran) of all places - I was delighted, seriously. Cotton-ease is tough to find in this city.

One already? How can that be?

Gosh, I thought all of Manhatten stayed open all the time! Kind of busts the "City That Never Sleeps" title. I guess the yarn shops get tired. You had better machine wash and dry that swatch, just in case. Pretty colors!

Great colors you found. Better than the Woolease offerings, that's for sure.

I stopped by Windsor Button after work today and thought of you. And I also thought of you as I boarded the Orange line to head back home to JP. I'll bet you weren't a subway rider today, what with the flooding and all.

i live in the uk with very few wool shops as alas the art almost died completely. although it is now having a revival no shops have sprung up yet,so shortage of wool alas. my best friend is a flight attendant on virgin and often flies to ny. with the exchange being so great i wondered if there was a shop that was easy to find and had some good value wool that i could ask him to pop into and collect soe wool for me, can anyone help???


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