A Sweater for the Birthday Girl

I would like to take a moment here to wish our Miss Kate a happy first birthday. Way to go, girl! Can't wait to see some pictures from the big day.

It was a big day here this weekend as I finished and bound off Kate's sweater. And that's when it hit me. This thing is too darn short. Sure, kids this age are a little stubby (sorry, Kate, but it's true) but this would be a little extreme. And, as cute as Kate's belly button is, I'm not sure about a sweater that allows her to flash that belly button to all the world. I mean, what's the point of a sweater that doesn't cover your stomach? How's that supposed to keep you warm?


I was wrapping my brain around the idea of frogging back the shoulders, removing the sleeves, knitting a few more inches, and reattaching the sleeves. Basically, redoing the entire top of the sweater. I have the time. Kate can't think about wearing a sweater for at least two more months. Sure it would be a pain, but as all knitters know, sometimes that's the only solution.

Not the only solution, however, in this instance. I can kitchener, can't I? Couldn't I simply knit a few inches of stripes, then graft that extra length onto the bottom of the sweater? I could!

In fact, that's what I'm doing right now:


Some readers might wonder why I can't remove the seed-stitch waistband, pick up the live stitches at the bottom and knit down from there. I certainly could do that, if I didn't care about seeing a jog in my stitches. Think about it. Stockinette stitch is a series of Vs on its right side VVVVVVVVVVV. When the Vs are upright, so's your knitting. If I suddenly switch the direction of the stockinette, I'll have to switch the direction of the Vs. Visually, the difference will be slight, but it'll be there.

And that won't do for Kate! Besides, grafting is so much fun.


Well, I'm not sure if grafting is *that* much fun, but I did a similar thing lately. I made a tank top for me (in the rounds from the bottom up, lace pattern at the bottom) and it was too short. So I cut in the middle-picked up the many stitches and knitted from the middle up until I ran out of yarn (this was out of leftovers). I did kitchener the darned thing-it was not that much fun. A few stitches on the toe of a sock-easy, over 100 in the middle of a top-meh.

But good luck and I am sure it will be adorable when you finish.

Good thing you won't have an unmanageable # of stitches to grafts! I think you solved your problem in a very clever way.

Good point about the V's! My first instinct was to pick up and knit downward, but you are right. Grafting on a baby sweater shouldn't take too horribly long!

Happy birthday to Kate! The sweater will be wonderful!

A few nips and weaves and you're there! Can't believe how fast they grow...

Great idea! I love me some kitchener too, it's not for everyone. Let us know how it goes!

ld have put a onesie on her in a similar color and called it a day! I Have done sweaters both way and agree on the V thing, but it adds character when you tell them you did it on purpose to try a technique!

Perfect solution - although I've never tried it myself, it's worked out very well for many-a-knitter. Hope it goes well for you!

I hate it when sweaters come out too short!

What a good auntie you are! The sweater is adorable, even short and sassy (probably like your niece no?).

Happy Birthday Kate! I thought you were getting a sweater like all the new Berroco designs . All great patterns for coats and sweaters but definitely open and funny looking for the Belly Buttons and legs on a cold day. Hey! Where are the attached MITTS? and Hat?


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