Up, Up(state), and Away

I encountered some serious difficulties with the promised wireless internet while away from the big city. At two of the three places I stayed I couldn't connect (despite having all the necessary information). While I knew that I could have found the owners to help me, I decided to be internet free. Not connecting meant that I didn't need to encounter a friendly, sweet, but entirely too chatty inn owner when I was ready to call it a day. Get it?

For most of last week it was me, a PT Cruiser (A rental, and it wasn't my choice. But you wait 45 minutes in line at the Syracuse Airport--Alamo Car Rental, please hire an assistant for poor Paul--and then see if you want to get back in the same line) and NPR.

I was Upstate. Way, way Upstate. And I don't mean Westchester. So far Upstate that I actually pulled in the CBC for a time (hey, that CBC 2, not bad stuff). I drove through lots of teeny towns and past many a corn field and all the time I'm thinking one thing.

Where do these people buy yarn?

On a two-hour stopover in Canton (home of fellow former Knitsmith Emily) I had my answer.


Now this was all that I could see of the shop, as it was closed. And as I thought that peering into the window might bring by the local police ("All units, we have a 18-11 in progress on Main Street.") I stayed on the sidewalk.


(and just in case you, like me, had no idea what linsey woolsey is, read this.)

Tomorrow: actually knitting progress (my own!)


Hi Coleen!
Glad to hear you are back :-) I hope you had a wonderful time.

that's far up near where i went to school a few towns over -- pretty, huh? But not much to do in the way of commercial endeavors... I remember bringing my yarn (sparse as it was..) from home. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

You were up in my old stomping grounds. But you were a little south still from where I grew up. :-)Gosh I miss the CBC....

Glad you made it home safe and sound and returned the PT Cruiser, a car I despise, back to where it belongs!;)

It's a shame that shop was closed. It looks from the outside like it had potential! LOL

Glad you had a good trip in spite of the PT Cruiser. Whoever designed that should be made to drive one. forever. in slow traffic. with no a/c. and only static on the radio.

And yet you were still south of me!

Wow...You went straight past upstate and into the north country!

I hope you had a nice time.

Being a weaver in my former life, I knew what Linsie Woolsie was and figured the place was a weaving supply store!

Maybe Mom is right, I should go home more often. I haven't seen that shop before. Hope you got to pook around Misty Hollow in Potsdam.

That's a really interesting bit of historical information, Colleen! Glad you're back in the city, tho', where less obscurely-named yarn shops abound.

Sounds like a heavenly week, except the no internet part. Although, I guess you find other things to do, like knit and listen to the radio. How old-fashioned! I am distressed to hear that the PT Cruiser was not a fun part of the trip. My Mom wants one really bad--candy apple red with a moon roof!

Yes, we are so far upstate that we call ourselves the North Country. If you are up here again, let me know. It would be fun to meet up!

The owner of that yarn store is sick, and after the store being closed for almost a year her friends are opening it on a volunteer basis. So the hours are pretty limited. But you didn't miss much- it's a good basic yarn store, but there isn't anything very unusual in there.

Delurking just to say - I'm a bit jealous you were in Canton - home of my alma mater - SLU. :) Hope you had fun in the North Country. It is a beautiful area.....

Looks like a wonderful trip!

You were in my hometown? Wow! No one goes there! Seeing Gary Canfield's name on the sign really woke me up. I haven't made it to the shop either, but assumed it was because I'm only around during holidays.

Now I must find out who Emily is... :)

I was taking a look at the signs, and wondering (with a brief flash of curious excitement) why you were keen on going to a CPA's office.



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