The FO You Didn't Know

With all the Harry Potter business that's about to burst forth, it seems especially appropriate to debut this FO today.


What is it? It's none other than the Invisibility Shawl from Alison's Charmed Knits. And when I say the I mean THE. It's the sample that you see in the photographs.


We don't have the benefit of a professional photography staff here at Subway Knitter, so these photos will have to suffice.

"When did you knit this?" you ask. Way, way, waaaaaay back in September. I even blogged about it (I thought that the title worked especially well).

Believe it or not this project was only the second time that I've knit lace with a proper laceweight yarn. I really liked this stuff. It's Hipknits cashmere laceweight (yup, Kerrie designed the pattern and dyed the yarn). Yummy! Very soft, and (once the temperature drops below "hot and humid") I'm sure that it'll feel warm and snuggly around my neck.

I hear that there's even an knitalong.


OMG! That is gorgeous!

I've wanted to try the Victorian lace book I got for Christmas, I think you have inspired me to put down the scarves and knit some pretty shawls!

That's absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations! Go Stealth Knitter Collen!

I love lace knitting, am doing a candleflame shawl AND a capelet right now. I also bought Victorian Lace Today, a beautiful book, thought somewhat intimidating!
I've learned to reserve my lace knitting for those times when there are no interruptions AND I'm not stressing over too much! It can be a challenge.
Hope the new job and house hunt are going well for you. Looking forward to hearing about your next project soon.

Oh, you're so clever! The shawl is lovely.

Holy Cow! Gorgeous! And cashmere? Gimme gimme gimme!

Wow! That is just wonderful.

wow! good for you!

Pretty! And that FO just snuck up on us . . . as if it were invisible, or something!


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