Summer in the City

It is so flippin' hot in New York at the moment that I want to shave my head.

As the non-so-subtle smell of eight million sweaty bodies settles over the five boroughs, I can confidently say that my urge to knit has melted away as fast as that Popsicle you left lying in the sun. Wool? Not in this weather.

Cotton, perhaps, would be okay. I've hinted about baby booties in other posts. Here you go:

Some of you might recognize the pattern as the Bee Shoes from 50 Baby Booties to Knit. The colors, of course, are my interpretation of the bee based on some leftover Sugar 'n Cream and some green Reynolds yarns I had stewing in the stash. These will be for friends whose twins arrived a wee early. About eight weeks early, to be exact. All is well with everyone, so it's time to get knittin'.


As much as I like these patterns, I don't like the eleventymillion ends you need to weave in at the end. All these ends for Baby Booties? Hmm, I'm not so sure.


I am sure, however, that the results are too cute to think about the ends once the bootie is done. Eeep!


They are lovely! I hear you about the heat, we are finally getting a cool down, it will be in the upper 80s here with 90% humidity. Everything stinks when it is humid!

Best of luck to the little people. Much better to be weaving in bootie ends than blanket ends in this weather!

I hope you didn't leave your fan and AC in storage!

I just got this book from the library and I feel the same way about the ends but damn there are some really cute booties!

Wow, if the NYC subway is anything like the Red Line train I got onto yesterday, not even passing out deodorant would do the trick!

The last summer I worked in NYC I did shave my head. Well, just the lower half, it was so much cooler.

ugh, yes, it is way too hot for wool! and those booties are adorable.

too cute -- it's good to hear that it's worth the weaving in.

Although I did cut about 10" off, I still have the shave it all off fantasy with the heat and humidity ughs! It just cooled off here, so hopefully you'll get some relief in the next 24 hrs.

Best of luck with the cotton booties. I was just thinking about those, too.

Holy sh*t, that's a lot of ends to weave in - good luck with that. They look tres cute though :)

my favorite summertime fiber is bamboo.

So adorable!
Would carrying the ends up the piece allow for less weaving in at the end?

Yes, the heat is wretched...

No insult intended. But get a grip. Knitters have to knit!
Work on some cotton and get back into the zone. A few rows a day on a lace shawl (have you made Charlotte's Web?)will get you back in shape. Stay cool!

I really like how that bootie turned out - almost sock like. Actually usable! Esp. since you made it in cotton.

On an unrelated topic - have you looked through the "Charmed knits" book - all Harry Potter patterns.

An evocative description of the heat, to be sure. The bootie is darling. My bus project these days is a baby blanket, but absolutely in cotton. I can handle wool singles in the cool of the night, but not before.

I hear you on the ends- who needs all that extra work for something the kids will probably throw up on. They are pretty cute, though more of a clog-ish design. It'll make for baby fashionistas :)

Too cute! I love the booties! I'll send some of the unusually cool and wet summer we are having here in Oklahoma your way, if you send some heat (dry is preferred LOL) mine!

I hear you on the heat - just finished up socks and have a baby hat in the wings. Nothing bigger than my lap!

Their tiny feet will really look like little bees, though. And hey, we got a nice cool-off this weekend! Hope you're enjoying it.

yes, as quickly as the knitting for wee booties goes--the weaving of the ends, the finish work takes just as long or longer!


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