Snakes on a Plane?

Math on a train.


Remind me of this post when things go horribly wrong. I might also be writing the adjustments on the back of a restaurant receipt. Remind me of that, too, when I can't remember what I should be doing.

And speaking of horribly wrong, my comments. Totally busted. That's what I get for trying to fix the spam problem. Ironically, the only comments that can get through are the spam ones.


Testing :)

Good luck with the maths and the comments.

Yay for math in public :) I keep trying to tell my daughter that knitting is all about the math (which she loves), but obviously at 8 she knows a lot more about such things than mom.

I'm impressed. I can barely to the math adjustments when I have no distractions.

Are you knitting those stripey booties? I knit them and found they had way too many ends to weave in than such a small project should (and that with carrying the yarn up the sides). Still cute though!


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