If Florida got a new jersey, then what would Della wear?

I have no idea, because it's clear that I'm not paying enough attention to Delaware (motto: We're Bigger than Rhode Island). So I'm off to the First State to find out.


Dela-Where? (a la Wayne's World) I curse that state every time I drive through it because of the horrendous back up at the tolls. It's an expensive state to drive 5 mph through. :P

I dunno, Alaska...

It's unfortunate that the only impression people passing through get is of the awful traffic and tolls on I-95. As a native, I try to avoid that highway as much as possible; the First State has a lot more to offer than traffic jams.

The state used to be known for growing peaches, until a blight wiped out the orchards. Now, the southern part of the state is a major part of the poultry industry as well as home to beach resorts on the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Delaware beaches are the only place in the world where horseshoe crabs come to spawn. Lewes was a Dutch colony, Wilmington was Swedish, before the English took everything over.

If you ever have time to stop and visit, check out Old New Castle, historic Dover, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Hagley Museum (birthplace of the Dupont Company) and lots of other neat places.

We have a great knit shop in Pike Creek Valley: Stitches With Style. I haven't been able to investigate other places in Delaware for knitting stashes.

I now live right across the state line in Elkton, MD and can also recommend a great little shop in Chesapeake City, MD called Vulcan's Rest. I don't think you'll find any Red Heart yarn near the place. The proprietress carries hand-dyed wools, alpaca, linen, and many international brands, as well as needles and books. She doesn't have sewing notions or fabric like Brooklyn General, but I love going into both shops and checking out the goodies.

I'm a novice knitter and have been following these posts for some time. I'm envious of how much time you are able to spend on your projects. I have friends at work that are constantly producing wonderful pieces and when the weather turns cold, we get together and have our own 'Stitch 'n Bitch' sessions.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy seeing the pictures and looking up the links. I'm glad you found things in NY.



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