No Sewing for YOU!

As some of you know, most of my stuff is in a storage space in beautiful Long Island City. It's not far from me, and I get to visit my things every couple of weeks when I need to get something (like yarn) or put something away.

There's storage, and then there's deep storage. Out-of-state storage. I stashed some things that I knew I wouldn't need immediately at my parents' house in Massachusetts. I should also say that some things are up there because I knew that I shouldn't touch them during this interim period in Queens. Or rather, I should say that I put one thing there for that reason. One very important thing.

My sewing machine.

I knew that the temptations of the Garment District would prove too much for a weak Subway Knitter. I knew that all those fun skirts I see on the subway would somehow convince me that yes, indeed, there is enough room in this teeny place for a sewing project to happen. We don't really need the kitchen table. And, yes, I have plenty of closet space to hang a baker's dozen of new clothing items.

There isn't enough room, and we do need the kitchen table. Extra closet space? Not really.

So, for those reasons the sewing machine is far, far away. Unfortunately Brooklyn General is not. And it was there that I met up with Alison, the Wee One, and Alison's mom (also known as the Wee One's charming Grandma).

I simply wasn't prepared. I knew that there would be yarn. I didn't know that there would be such great fabric.


So, the motto for this summer is "Stick with the knitting, Subway Knitter". Boo, hoo!


you've got control. I'd have left with a bucketful of those greens and a plan to visit the container store.....

Well, at Weight Watchers meetings they always tell you that 'the food will always be there'. Does that help?

Repeat after me ....

Knitting good.

Sewing, eh, not so much.

(At least until you get more room.)

Control is tough...I'm trying to stick to socks only for the summer...after I pick up the other side of my button band - that is tougher than I thought!

Not to be an enabler, but you could always buy the fabric and ship it to your parents for use later.

I try to stay away from sewing. My mother has 100x more fabric than she will ever use, and it's probably genetic.

i've been itching to sew lately and if i had a store like this near me i'd be in trouble.

joann fabrics just doesn't do it for me though.

ha! i know how you feel. every time i go to BG i want to buy more fabric.

sorry i missed you! I work on Wed and Thursdays from 3 to 7 if you are planning a return trip :)

fabric doesn't take up too much room! and you won't have a tiny place forever!

guess i should be glad that i don't yet know how to sew. it's on my list of things to do

When unable to find time to sew, I go into the fabric store and just peruse, perhaps that will help you get over this trying time!

Is that Cotton or soft feeling knit and cotton?
Need to visit NY asap. Have storage in Boston.

We need the kitchen table? I always thought all those trips to NYC on the weekends were not really to job hunt!

Oh, we forgot to tell you about the fabrics?... *wink* I think I may have bought a few yards over several visits. And Brooklyn General has patterns too!

Hmm, maybe you could hand-piece a quilt? Then you wouldn't even need the machine! Or, better yet, buy a new machine! Enabling is SO much fun. ;)

I admire your resolve, Colleen - especially in the face of those gorgeous fabrics.

Maybe a tiny Featherweight machine? They don't really take up much space.
I remember you lost some fabric on the subway a while back. Maybe stick to knitting after all...

Maybe a tiny Featherweight machine? They don't really take up much space.
I remember you lost some fabric on the subway a while back. Maybe stick to knitting after all...

I stopped sewing because I had such a hard time finding nice fabrics. If I had access to the fabrics that you do, I might even take up sewing by hand if I had to... :)

The good news is that the fabric stores in NYC aren't closing any time soon, and you won't be sewing machine-less forever. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new home. Boston misses you, especially the Knitsmiths!

Holy crap woman, I lived in a tiny studio apartment in the East Village and went to FIT. I managed to crank out a mess 'o garments every week...didn't have a kitchen table though.

It's the vintage fabric at Brooklyn General that really kills me.


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