MySpace for Knitters

Ravelry, it's the MySpace for knitters! And I mean that in a good way.

Another Boston expat, Bookish Wendy, sent me an invitation at least two months ago. But, what with the move, the new job, the new everything (I know, I know, you're all getting tired of that old excuse) I didn't give it my full attention until this weekend.

So, Saturday's midday project was to get myself set up over there. I updated my profile, and uploaded a cute pic. Then, I set out to do one thing: get together some yarn/pattern ideas for a new scarf I want to knit sometime in the fall.

Simple, right? Ha! Now I know why Ravelery's going to be the time-sink website of 2007. After logging in, I noticed some messages. Sixteen messages. Sixteen people wanted to be my friend! Sixteen! One-six!

Of course I wanted to know who all these people were. Click, click, click, hour!

Oh yeah, the scarf. Let's go to patterns. Oooh, look, recently uploaded patterns. Click, click, click...eeeep! Look at these booties. So cute! Hmm, I'm knitting some baby gifts right now, let's add these to My Favorites.

Scarf!! Right, right.

Long story short, I never did get to that scarf. I suppose that knitters use the site in different ways. It would be interesting to see some stats on that. It's the virtual browsing that's gonna get me.


My 13 year old calls it Knit Space and wanted to see what Tom was knitting...I've fallen in to the black hole of Ravelry a few times, sometimes I don't even remember how I got somewhere, click, click, click! I like how it leads you to your friends blogs, and matches you to others with similar projects.

Ah, Ravelry! Got lost in it myself on Saturday.

it's like crack for knitters.

I just started setting up my stash on Ravelry. I thought that would take enough time on it's own. But what's worse is that everytime I put up a new yarn, I have to follow the links and look at all the other projects other people made with that yarn. Which might be a good thing in the end, it might give me better options for the stash, but still yeah, it just eats time in huge gulps!

I'm already overwhelmed by Ravelry! It's gotten that big that quick!

If only my invite would come...

It's my time waster for sure. I don't even mind. I love every minute 'wasted' on it :)

Ravelry is evil. I love it.

See, this is why I may not join at sounds so tempting, but The Interwebs already interfere with my work! Maybe in six months? :)

the time consumption curve will work itself out! Glad you are having as much fun as the rest of us :)

Ravelrey sounds like so much fun!

I completely know what you mean. I find myself staying away from it unless I know for sure that I have an hour chunk of time where I can just get lost in it. Have fun!

Beware! It's a dangerous place.

Wendy sent my invite, too. Ravelry is a blast and so full of info! It's a bit dangerous as you say, too! ;-)

I have heard that the knitting queue tends to get outta control once you start surfing Ravelry. I'm still waiting for my invite. Not that my queue needs any lenghthening!

I'm still waiting for my invite, but I guess it's good since I have enough time wasted on the computer already, hehe.

First I went through and uploaded my FO's--which I'm still doing. I added my friends. I added my books. Next up, the stash, as well as browsing thru people's projects and adding faves. Oh, and I have to add stuff to the queue! Ah, the hours of enjoyment we have ahead of us. ;)

My fave aspect of Ravelry: I love how you can look up a pattern and see all of the mods people have done as well as yarns that other knitters have used...and I'm gonna friend you now!;)

these booties are very cute!! i will try to make some when i get a vacation!! thank you

these booties are very cute!! i will try to make some when i get a vacation!! thank you

I too just signed on to Ravelry and I'm afraid I could spend days in there. It is definitely a "time sink".

Good heavens to murgatroyd! It sounds like Ravelry would eat too much into my actual knitting time. I have to finish my dreadlock hat and there are baby gifts to make and I hate to be a downer, but Christmas is less than 5 months away! Ohhh... No Ravelry for this knitter!

The danger with that comparison is this: J just (literally, just this minute) asked me: How do you rate the members? How do you know how you're doing? How do you know how popular you are? - What? That's not what it's about! Right?

And the queue - how dangerous!


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