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I love this idea! (Courtesy of Claudia). What knitter wouldn't love to see this on the coffee table?

This would be perfect for all those subway knitters who, for example, had an absolutely horrendous commute last night (love you too Con Ed!), and yesterday morning. Yesterday was not a good one for the subway karma, was it?


I heard about this on a podcast, and thought that this was something that another knitter would get for you, but would my husband know enough to order something like this? Perhaps if I printed it out and left it around somewhere! What a great concept!

WOW! I drooled and drooled over this! Thanks for posting this, my family keeps asking me whatI want I can just send them there and say anything you like, I will love :-) Maybe I will actually get presets I like this year!?!

What a wonderful idea! I'm sorry the commute was so crummy.

Wow, just glad you're ok!

It was a miserable day yesterday, wasn't it? Good to hear you made it through. I was hoping that GCT and Metro-North would close today so I couldn't get to work... but no such luck!

So cute!
And wow, am I glad I stayed in Brooklyn yesterday. Can't wait for you to move out to the best borough ever. :)

And the yarn is delicious. Way better than real flowers that just die.

It was a horror wasn't it? I was just glad that I got where I needed to go..... eventually.


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