Found: 1 Knitting Mojo

The mojo might be back. Theories abound as to why that's the case, but I won't get into them here.

What we had last night was actual subway knitting.


The pattern is Saarje's Bootees, a free pattern spreading far and wide via good ol' Ravelry.

Unfortunately for you the reader this is going to be bootie week chez Subway Knitter. I'm tired of knitting booties, and I want these done and out of my sight before these kids hit kindergarten (at the rate that I'm going, that's not too far of an exaggeration.) I need to move on to something that actually interests me (like some baby sweaters) and write some posts that will actually be interesting to you.


Baby booties or baby sweaters, it doesn't matter--subway knitting is cool!

I'm i a bootee mood at the moment, mainly because they're finished so fast. Yay for instant gratification!

Looks good. Would love to see some surreptitious shots of NYC subway knitters, when your photo mojo returns!

Ooh, baby sweaters! Are you going to deviate from the obvious february baby jacket? I hope you find a good pattern that inspires me, as I have a baby sweater to make :)

yay for the mojo, that's all that's important.

These are cute. I've got baby wear to knit for family, so I'm on the prowl for good patterns. Thanks!

Yay, you took your Mojo out of storage. Do you encounter many knitters down that way?

Hurray for baby anything. I have three pregnant friends, and I really like sweaters--it really impresses them! Them parents that is. Boy, do I feel left out--can't wait for general public access to Ravelry.

oh i loved that bootie (love Ravelry) but told myself the pattern/buttons seemed fussy -- as in work! how's it going?

Any hints on how to tighten up knit stitches made rows below. No I don't want to rip out. Love the booties.

Love the bootie pattern. I think I'll take it to yarn club tomorrow night and whip up a pair. Can't wait to see which sweater pattern you'll use, I might want to try one of those, too. I'll tuck them away for the next grandchild. That'll probably be 5-10 years from now!

I've been knitting scarves too! They're fast and you can change the pattern with each one so you never get sick of one! The funniest place I knit is karate tournaments!

You didn't happen to see MY knitting mojo in the bottom of your bag did you? I've started the same scarf 8 times, hated the pattern, adjusted, ripped out and repeat. Maybe I should just read Harry Potter and wait for a cold snap.

Those bootees are delicious! I've already made two pair!

These are just lovely! I was just given a whole lot of yarn - some cotton - I think I'll make a few pairs of these to donate!

Whatever you knit, I'm glad you found your motivation!

Wow! That is beautiful yarn. I love the pattern! Thank you for posting the link!! Baby patterns are so sweet, make great gifts, and are gratifying because you finish them quickly. Yay!

Thanks for the link for the booties.

And I'm glad your mojo is back!

Hey, we all have those bootie-periods. People just keep procreating, it is bizarre.


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