In my new job we have summer hours for July and August. This means that we get out of the office on three every Friday.

I'm thinking that I should do summer hours for this blog. Knitting just isn't doing it for me lately. Most of this is due to the heat, as I've written before. I've got projects hanging out all over the place. First, we have the purple cardi, which needs a good blocking. Then we have the baby booties. Baby booties! Such teeny things, and they're in the UFO pile. Shame on me! And what more, I like knitting baby booties. This shows you how low the knitting mojo is around here.

But, we're also househunting for the new chez Subway Knitter, and I find this a bit distracting. Because of that, when I do have a few down moments I prefer to sink into some fiction, rather than my knitting (which always gives me a clear head to think, think, interest rates, think, square footage, think, think, this is never going to end, think, think, closing costs). Personally, I find the business of looking for a place slightly less stressful than the business of selling a place. Strangers traipsing through my space? Not my idea of a good time. When I had showings for the condo I made sure that anything very personal was hidden away. I didn't want you to know anything about me.

Apparently I was unusual in this desire. We're looking at lots of places and in them I often notice many personal items. I know names, I see what the owner(s) look(s) like. I know what they do for work. I know how much they owe in common charges.

And in fact, in one place we saw I know something else:


Ha! You just never know where you're going to find one of us. This place didn't happen to make our cut (a five-foot wide room is not a "second bedroom" even by NYC standards). I'm not going to buy a place just because a knitter lives there, even if the stash is included.


when i bought my condo, it was a rental and the renters, who didn't want to get kicked out of the place, actually left their underwear on the floor. ugh.

when i sold it though, i put all personal items (except for some books, etc. so that it at least looked like someone lived there) in storage. i didn't want people to know too much about me either. and there was no underwear on the floor. ;)

Now don't be hasty. What kind of stash are we talking about???? LOL

Good luck on the home search.

We once looked at a house where the owner's bra was hanging on the bedroom doorknob. Yikes!

Hopefully the Spiders can restore your knitting mojo this friday at Brooklyn General!

Hi... I've been reading you on the sly since your mittens made the Globe a few months ago, but now I see you're on Ravelry, and that maryse (whom I only know on Ravelry) reads you, and I'm just blown away that the knitting world is so small...

Yikes! That's sounds like some of those hidden camera "sell my house" shows. I sold my loft in a week with only one open house and no personal items on display. I, like you, do *not* let it all hang out! A 5 feet makes a decent closet. That is all.

Hey, stash included? I'd have to think about that one! Don't you hate the unsettled feeling of being between homes? I think this is effecting your knitting. It'll pass once you have your own space.

the heat is getting to me too- I just started a new book and that it taking my knitting mojo too. Hang in there, one UFO at a time....

I feel ya for the whole blog. We're looking for a place too and i have knitting just sitting there that i'd like to get done. I want to get some reading done as well. I just don't see myself sitting on the beach knitting with wool. A good book sounds like a better partner.

Good luck finding a place. We've been having a sucky time.

Personally, I take Sundays off from the computer (if possible). And I know what you mean about having people going through the house. When we were moving out of the last apartment, I made sure everything private was either packed or well out of sight. The stash didn't count, though. :) But that looks like orange acrylic, so that might have been a clue.

A five foot wide room is a nice closet for the stash. It isn't a room. Yeesh.

Good luck with the hunt for a place to keep your yarn and maybe yourselves.

a FIVE FOOT room!?!?!? Insanity, that would be a very short bed.

I'm curious - did you touch the knitting?

I looked at one place that was occupied by a renter who never ever cleaned the bathtub, apparently. (My realtor used a sponge to see if the gray color was the tub or the grime; it was grime.)

When I was looking for a tenant, the apartment was basically empty but I was camped out there till it was time to move. The realtors never once called (from 2 blocks away!) to say they were coming to show the place. Half the time they didn't even knock. And more often than not I was sitting around in a tank top, no bra, and old shorts, unshowered, varnishing the floor or touching up the paint.


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