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Today's time sink is courtesy of Ravelry. Don't yet have a Ravelry account? Thank your lucky stars that you have an excuse *not* to browse through its treasure trove of interesting bits. I am not so fortunate.

The folks at Ravelry recently enabled a Groups feature whereby knitters can connect with knitters who share other similarities besides the knitting (This to an outsider might seem similar enough, but believe me, when you're on the inside of this here vast fibery world, there is a need to connect with your people.) I myself belong to three groups. First, my Spiders have a group, then we have the NYC Knitters group (not to be confused with the the NYC S-n-B Group, totally different), and I just joined the Sox Knitters group. I hope they don't kick me out when they realize there's a New Yorker in their midst. So really, if you have any interest other than knitting (and frankly, if you don't I'm kinda worried about you) then there is a group for you in Ravelry.

Of course you have the usual groups arranged by geography, technique, occupation, patterns, yarns, designers, and FOs. While browsing the groups this week I realized that some Ravelers have taken this to an extreme that I hadn't anticipated. The following is my personal list of favorite niche groups. Please consider this a good-natured review. I'm not really poking fun at or being critical of anyone except myself. I'm just highlighting a few groups whose premise gave me a chuckle.

First, we have Limenviolet. Apparently, I cannot be a member of this group, because I don't even know who or what Limonviolet is! (Note to self: get out more.) This just highlights how out of it I truly am.

Then, we have a group that I could really get into: Not the Erins. If you're name isn't Erin you can join too! I don't know what kind of beef the group's founders have against the Erins of this world, but I've known many who have been fine, fine people.

Like strawberries? Then feel free to munch on those springtime delights while posting to Merrily Strawberrily, THE group for knitting strawberry fans.

Like rats? Me neither! But you can find a whole group of people who do at Rat Lovers!

And finally, are you totally pissed that you can't join Not the Erins because your name is, indeed, Erin? You have every right to be. Feel free to bitch (and stitch) at The Erin's [sic]!

I mean no ill will to any of these groups. In fact, I applaud the initiative to collect knitters with these similarities. If anyone has a big problem with what I've written, please email me directly. Don't start a Hate Subway Knitter group.


hahah, i know! so many fun and funny great groups at ravelry. i joined the mac group :)

I've been amused by all the teeny tiny splinter groups myself. Some of them, I just couldn't imagine the conversation thy would have beyond "Oh, do you like X? SO do I! Hooray!" Of course, I've joined the coffee lovers group, so who am I to comment, really?

Ravelry is SO much FUN!

I'm still patiently waiting for my Ravelry invite-still a few thousand people in front of me! Limenviolet! Have you listened to their podcast--pretty funny stuff. Give them a whirl.

Hmmm...I'm thinking I need to head over there. I could name my group "Just Another Dee" or maybe "Nothin' Special 'Bout Me", or maybe "We're Dee's Because We Hate Our Given Names" group. :::wink::: The possiblities are endless.

The groups are pretty, um, well-represented, huh? There are so MANY of them!!

I get a big laugh every time I check the 'new groups'. It's entertaining, to a degree, and I wonder what they'll think of next!

I like the groups because I find the general forums very overwhelming. And I've really enjoyed the group names as well. My current fave is "Kiss My Grits" for knitters who are, or have been, waitresses. Love it.

I'd guess "Limenviolet" refers to fans of the Lime & Violet podcast, http://limenviolet.blogspot.com

Hey you're forgetting the 'Stitch, Bitch!' group--you know, the one devoted to BDSM, it's the most beguiling of the bunch!;)

yeah you are a kinder soul than i am because i'm finding myself snickering

That's hilarious. Most of the groups I've joined have some purpose. But strawberries or Not Erin! I don't know the purpose behind them. Umm, did someone say BDSM, yikes, I really did not want to know that. Hmm, I'll be sure to stay away from that one.

ummm...you don't still consider yourself part of the knitsmith group? we still consider you a member...in abstentia...though we do miss you so.

Maybe the Not Erins are not Irish, because Erin is Gaelic for Ireland, right? And to think that if my eldest child were a girl, he would have been named Erin...I would have unknowingly excluded him from a very important group of people! Oh dear, thank goodness he was born a maleā€¦but what about the Not Benjamins? Dang.

Too funny! I'm trying to stay away from Ravelry for the time being as it's an alluring (and too fun) time suck right now. My friend e-mailed me just yesterday about these Ravelry sub groups (string cheese)and we were laughing about it. When I get on Ravelry finally, maybe I'll join the String Cheese group as I do love cheese!

I love to check out the newest groups, even though I get away shaking my head in puzzlement most of the time. I really don't get the Not Erin. And there's that other one, that makes my stomach turn. Not so much the group, as the button they've chosen.

I promise you won't get kicked out of Sox Knitters! (I started it - and I'm pretty sure I can't kick *anyone* out!) We'll just try to convert the New Yorkers, one by one.

Ravelry is totally my new favorite time suck - I can't seem to log off!

I'm in trouble now. I was blissfully ignorant of Ravelry. Now I'm on the waiting list. I predict serious problems chez moi once I get on! (who the heck needs to clean, anyway?) Can I blame dear old Subway Knitter when I become addicted? LOL

Wow, I have completely missed all these group thingies. There's something for everyone eh?

LimeNViolet run what is possibly the funniest podcast in the world. LimeNViolet.blogspot.com

Let the madness spread :)

they make me laugh too. each time i check the new groups i have to giggle a little.

i really want to know about the erin/not erin groups though. kinda reminds me of that movie heathers.

Um, I think you forgot about "Alpaca is for Lovers" and "knitters with MINIs" for knitting owners of mini-coopers.
Now I'm off to join the Not Erins.... ;)

I cannot wait till Ravelry opens its doors for real, time-suck notwithstanding. What a brilliant idea, and it seems like they are executing it brilliantly too. Ravelry is going to ROCK!

I haven't done much with the groups yet. I'm on three, but I'm still trying to get my projects and queue up to date. Of course, I was thrilled when I found the tattooed knitters and crocheters. It's good to find a home.


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