Whew, I'm at the very last stages of my cardigan body:


You know how you're supposed to pick up four stitches for every five? I never do that consistently. I used to. But then I realized that so long as I'm getting enough stitches to keep my pattern even (such as an even number of stitches if I want a K2P2 rib) and so long as I'm picking them up evenly across the piece (i.e. I didn't pick up 25 stitches in the first inch, then only 5 in the second) then that will work.

And my comments seem to be working again, too. Most importantly I noticed that my recently installed and tweaked spam filter seems to be distinguishing between, say, Cathy (a legitimate commenter) and Mr. d40V3InA65G3rwA (spam). So, while I'm not one to beg for comments, if you are reading this post and you do have time, can you help me test my comments today? Thanks!


Testing, 1,2,3....
can't wait to see the whole cardigan!

Second BIG post! (during the span-o-rama, I couldn't post a comment). The cardigan is looking good.

Testing, testing....

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

As above, I can't wait to see the finished cardigan. One of these days I'll finish my version of your wavy cables scarf and post pictures; I kind of lost steam when the weather got warm...

It's looking good!

How do you know d40V3InA65G3rwA is a Mr.? Are all spammers presumed to be male? Ts...

I hope this comment goes through. If not, I'll start to suspect your spam filter is really a man filter. ;-)

I wonder what your filter would say if I wrote the comment bilingually? Probably better not to, it might not learn that real comments are supposed to be in English.

The collar looks great! Picking up stitches evenly was a hard thing to find info on when I was first learning.

Congrats on comments again :)

Can't wait to see the cardigan finished!

Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater!

That Sven is a riot ("How do you know d40V3InA65G3rwA is a Mr.?"), but your cardi rocks!

To go back to when I couldn't post--LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright!
I need to recommend The Wright Three as a great book for the middle-school crew.


Pretty cables on that sweater.

okey doke. testing comments. :)

I can't wait to see the finish! It looks mahhhvelous!

Hee hee! Still laughing at Sven's comment :)

the cardi is looking great! hope you're settling into life in NYC. :)

It does look lovely! I used to just pick up stitches evenly before I "knew" there was a pattern to it.

I do the same thing.....and I hope you are enjoying Astoria...There is nothing like an empty N train. I used to take the R train just so I could knit or read the

Testing 30, 31, 32...
I loathe spam commenters!
but I love your sweater.

Yay for the Cardigan,'s a comment ;)

Hi, assume the comments are working! I have been reading your blog for at least a year w/out commenting; (in my defense, I read knitting books for a year before starting to knit too, although normally I'm fairly impetuous. Just started my own blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy yours. Hope your move is going well!

I too take a zen approach to picking up for front bands and collars. It needs to feel right and I try not to get all uptight about it. This is probably why I don't write up patterns :). Can you imagine: "be one with your front band and pick up as many stitches as you need".

I've always been one to go right by the pattern but you have given me courage to feel free to do it my way. I just finished the neckline of a top and I'm going to pull out the ribbing and do it with fewer stitches! Thanks!
Down with spam.

love the cables!

Wow, lots of non-spammers getting through, eh? I, too did not know there was a law about how to pick up neck stitches. Guess I should read more- like maybe the patterns I'm doing. I tend to do the Zen style (love Sil's Definition) myself. Can't wait to see the finished collar!

hey there! hopefully they're working again :)

pretty cables!

Looking good!

Your cardigan looks great. How is New York? I was in Boston last weekend and checked out the yarn shops based on your recommendations - favorite versus non-favorite LYS. I did some damage in Windsor Button. That's a fun place. It was nice for a South Dakota girl to get out.

yay you're almost done!

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!

The cardi looks great -- so soft.

And another test from me!

The collar is looking great. I look forward to seeing the completed sweater.

Welcome to NYC. I was born in the Bronx, grew up in Flushing Queens, got married and moved to Brooklyn, and left NYC when I left the ex.

Testing? Yay cardigan!

glad to hear it wasn't something I said! L

I've gotten a few spam comments in Portuguese. Wonder how well your filter can handle that?

Here you go, girl! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

The teaser picture is intriguing; can't wait to see more!


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