Catching Up

I'm finally able to catch up in some peripheral areas of my life. Have you ever had the experience of knowing that you have to do something or finish something, but somehow the realization that the completion of the task involves actual activity on your part hasn't dawned on you?

It happened to me last night. I was having an evening. Home from work, evening swim thwarted because of rain (and because, despite notices to the contrary, the pool wasn't yet open), I had a mostly free night before me.

Upon arriving home, thoughts turned to a list of fibery tasks: must continue to adjust pattern, pack a project for the Spiders today, make dinner (which admittedly isn't a knitting thought, but a girl's gotta eat, you know.) Then I realized that I hadn't yet emailed the pattern for the Amazing CharlieCard Mittens (remember those?) to the magazine that's publishing it. I hadn't even typed up the pattern yet.

So, instead of writing out an adjusted pattern for some baby booties, I wrote a pattern for mittens. Do you know how unmotivated I am to even think about these mittens right now? But I am very motivated to get some moolah for the yarn budget, and until the editor gets the pattern, I ain't getting a dime.

I also read through my blogs. It is once again a pleasure to scan through a knitblog or two without worrying about the dreaded, but never-defined, Rule Number Five.

And what does the weekend look like? I'm finally going to figure out Ravelry. I am officially the only knitter in the land who hasn't done anything yet with her account. Let me get at least one thing up there. Please, pretty please.

That is all...


Can't wait to see all the goodies you put up on Ravelry. Make sure to add me as a friend :)

Oh, I haven't done anything with my account yet either... heck, I hardly blog these days, taking pictures of my stash, WIPs and future projects, not really happening!

That's all huh?

I have posted to my Ravelry yet either...that would be organizing...yuck

Happy you are getting the pattern published...those mitts were a genius idea...hope you are enjoying NY...we are missing you here in MA....

Blogless Diane

Uh-oh, once you get on Ravelry, you won't stop. You'll never get any work done again!


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