A Bit Out of It

I once used this blog to record ideas about future projects. That function has, of course, been usurped by Ravelry but I thought that I would share that with y'all (Heck, I'm in Delaware. That's one state over from the South. I'm entitled to use "y'all".)

Like this pattern for example:

(photo from MagKnits, but saved to my own server)

I'm a bit out of it because when I switched jobs, I forgot to resubscribe to the MagKnits mass email with a new address. It's a lovely shrug, no? Now I could easily see myself getting a skimpy evening dress (for what, we don't know) and stretching its wearability into the cold weather with this over my shoulders. Of course, I would ditch the mohair. Subway Knitter does not do the mohair. But I could easily substitute some alpaca (this again, is where Ravelry comes in handy). I would probably just use the Knitpicks suggested for the CC as both the M and C colorways.

While we're at it, I also like this pattern, too. It's a lot like Clapotis, but the knitting might be a tad more interesting. And, finally, I have a good use for all that thick-thin yarn I see. I'm also filing this one in my queue on the Rav.

Where would we be without Ravelry? A lot more productive, that's what. But a lot less informed about what's out there for yarn.


Since I haven't heard back from Raverly, I appreciate it when you post things like this or even ideas that I may not be nrave enough to try right now BUT I do plan on attempting sometime, eventually. Thanks so much for the info in your blog and don't worry about being out of it, things will settle down!

Well, those of us who have't gotten on to Ravelry are actually a less informed, nowadays. People on their blogs just tend to say "there's cool stuff on Ravelry and so many cool X" and leave it at that.

It's probably just because I'm tired right now, but I'm considering taking a blog holiday until I have a Ravelry account because such a high percentage of posts are of that form. Sorry.

That is a lovely shrug - why no mohair? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

I'm with you on the no mohair position. I made a mobious cowl out of a mohair/rayon plied yarn as a gift one year. I never had to wrestle with yarn like that before or since. Slippery and unruly stuff that. The giftee was very pleased with the softness and all, but it was the very dickens to work with.

Very pretty! Have you thought about what colors you want to use?

and at least you spelled it right. It kind of burns my biscuits when people write "ya'll" instead of the legitimate contraction y'all. And take it from a southerner, if you *really* want to emphasize that you're talking to/about everybody, you can say "y'all all". :)

hi you. been away, but
1. am totally amused that you're taking photos of the knitting projects in homes for sale.

2. put myself on the Ravelry list but am thinking my kids might need to raise themselves if I make it in.

3. am amused by the groups - can think of a few I probably shouldn't post here...

4. like the shrug idea - and love the Invisibility Cloak - am even working on my own!

5. glad to hear you're traveling around, making plans and having fun (except when the commute sucks!)

6. where's that cargigan gone??

god bless that website.

I really like that Nereides pattern, too. I didn't know you could be notified when they publish new issues - I just thought I had to keep checking!

Yeah, the mohair is sketchy, for sure. But that would look lovely in pretty much anything.
TG for Ravelry.


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