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Found: 1 Knitting Mojo

The mojo might be back. Theories abound as to why that's the case, but I won't get into them here.

What we had last night was actual subway knitting.


The pattern is Saarje's Bootees, a free pattern spreading far and wide via good ol' Ravelry.

Unfortunately for you the reader this is going to be bootie week chez Subway Knitter. I'm tired of knitting booties, and I want these done and out of my sight before these kids hit kindergarten (at the rate that I'm going, that's not too far of an exaggeration.) I need to move on to something that actually interests me (like some baby sweaters) and write some posts that will actually be interesting to you.

Up, Up(state), and Away

I encountered some serious difficulties with the promised wireless internet while away from the big city. At two of the three places I stayed I couldn't connect (despite having all the necessary information). While I knew that I could have found the owners to help me, I decided to be internet free. Not connecting meant that I didn't need to encounter a friendly, sweet, but entirely too chatty inn owner when I was ready to call it a day. Get it?

For most of last week it was me, a PT Cruiser (A rental, and it wasn't my choice. But you wait 45 minutes in line at the Syracuse Airport--Alamo Car Rental, please hire an assistant for poor Paul--and then see if you want to get back in the same line) and NPR.

I was Upstate. Way, way Upstate. And I don't mean Westchester. So far Upstate that I actually pulled in the CBC for a time (hey, that CBC 2, not bad stuff). I drove through lots of teeny towns and past many a corn field and all the time I'm thinking one thing.

Where do these people buy yarn?

On a two-hour stopover in Canton (home of fellow former Knitsmith Emily) I had my answer.


Now this was all that I could see of the shop, as it was closed. And as I thought that peering into the window might bring by the local police ("All units, we have a 18-11 in progress on Main Street.") I stayed on the sidewalk.


(and just in case you, like me, had no idea what linsey woolsey is, read this.)

Tomorrow: actually knitting progress (my own!)

A Great Idea!

Want an elusive, exclusive Ravelry invite? Jealous of all those knitters who while away hour after hour (after day after week) at THE knitting site of the year?

Well, look no further my friends. Fellow New Yorker, and Boston ex-pat, Jackie has the answer. Go to her blog for more information. Go. Go. Go!

Me? I'm going to upstate New York on business for the rest of the week. Will there be knitting? Blogging? Stay tuned.

A Bit Out of It

I once used this blog to record ideas about future projects. That function has, of course, been usurped by Ravelry but I thought that I would share that with y'all (Heck, I'm in Delaware. That's one state over from the South. I'm entitled to use "y'all".)

Like this pattern for example:

(photo from MagKnits, but saved to my own server)

I'm a bit out of it because when I switched jobs, I forgot to resubscribe to the MagKnits mass email with a new address. It's a lovely shrug, no? Now I could easily see myself getting a skimpy evening dress (for what, we don't know) and stretching its wearability into the cold weather with this over my shoulders. Of course, I would ditch the mohair. Subway Knitter does not do the mohair. But I could easily substitute some alpaca (this again, is where Ravelry comes in handy). I would probably just use the Knitpicks suggested for the CC as both the M and C colorways.

While we're at it, I also like this pattern, too. It's a lot like Clapotis, but the knitting might be a tad more interesting. And, finally, I have a good use for all that thick-thin yarn I see. I'm also filing this one in my queue on the Rav.

Where would we be without Ravelry? A lot more productive, that's what. But a lot less informed about what's out there for yarn.


If Florida got a new jersey, then what would Della wear?

I have no idea, because it's clear that I'm not paying enough attention to Delaware (motto: We're Bigger than Rhode Island). So I'm off to the First State to find out.

The FO You Didn't Know

With all the Harry Potter business that's about to burst forth, it seems especially appropriate to debut this FO today.


What is it? It's none other than the Invisibility Shawl from Alison's Charmed Knits. And when I say the I mean THE. It's the sample that you see in the photographs.


We don't have the benefit of a professional photography staff here at Subway Knitter, so these photos will have to suffice.

"When did you knit this?" you ask. Way, way, waaaaaay back in September. I even blogged about it (I thought that the title worked especially well).

Believe it or not this project was only the second time that I've knit lace with a proper laceweight yarn. I really liked this stuff. It's Hipknits cashmere laceweight (yup, Kerrie designed the pattern and dyed the yarn). Yummy! Very soft, and (once the temperature drops below "hot and humid") I'm sure that it'll feel warm and snuggly around my neck.

I hear that there's even an knitalong.

Make Your Knitter Happy

I love this idea! (Courtesy of Claudia). What knitter wouldn't love to see this on the coffee table?

This would be perfect for all those subway knitters who, for example, had an absolutely horrendous commute last night (love you too Con Ed!), and yesterday morning. Yesterday was not a good one for the subway karma, was it?

Daily Time Sink

Today's time sink is courtesy of Ravelry. Don't yet have a Ravelry account? Thank your lucky stars that you have an excuse *not* to browse through its treasure trove of interesting bits. I am not so fortunate.

The folks at Ravelry recently enabled a Groups feature whereby knitters can connect with knitters who share other similarities besides the knitting (This to an outsider might seem similar enough, but believe me, when you're on the inside of this here vast fibery world, there is a need to connect with your people.) I myself belong to three groups. First, my Spiders have a group, then we have the NYC Knitters group (not to be confused with the the NYC S-n-B Group, totally different), and I just joined the Sox Knitters group. I hope they don't kick me out when they realize there's a New Yorker in their midst. So really, if you have any interest other than knitting (and frankly, if you don't I'm kinda worried about you) then there is a group for you in Ravelry.

Of course you have the usual groups arranged by geography, technique, occupation, patterns, yarns, designers, and FOs. While browsing the groups this week I realized that some Ravelers have taken this to an extreme that I hadn't anticipated. The following is my personal list of favorite niche groups. Please consider this a good-natured review. I'm not really poking fun at or being critical of anyone except myself. I'm just highlighting a few groups whose premise gave me a chuckle.

First, we have Limenviolet. Apparently, I cannot be a member of this group, because I don't even know who or what Limonviolet is! (Note to self: get out more.) This just highlights how out of it I truly am.

Then, we have a group that I could really get into: Not the Erins. If you're name isn't Erin you can join too! I don't know what kind of beef the group's founders have against the Erins of this world, but I've known many who have been fine, fine people.

Like strawberries? Then feel free to munch on those springtime delights while posting to Merrily Strawberrily, THE group for knitting strawberry fans.

Like rats? Me neither! But you can find a whole group of people who do at Rat Lovers!

And finally, are you totally pissed that you can't join Not the Erins because your name is, indeed, Erin? You have every right to be. Feel free to bitch (and stitch) at The Erin's [sic]!

I mean no ill will to any of these groups. In fact, I applaud the initiative to collect knitters with these similarities. If anyone has a big problem with what I've written, please email me directly. Don't start a Hate Subway Knitter group.

Blog Maintenance

Some readers must notice that I, newbie New Yorker, still have a T subway car in my banner. Oh yes, we're all over fixing that here at Subway Knitter.

I thought that I might show you some of my attempts to photograph a new banner for myself. Feel free to giggle. I certainly did.

It came to my attention late in my Boston days that the MBTA requires one to have a photography permit when taking pictures inside MBTA property. The MTA doesn't require this in most instances, so I feel at liberty to take photographs wherever I see fit. Part of my challenge is finding an uncrowded platform that's wide enough to stand back from the trains. I hear that City Hall is a good location for that. Here are some shots from Bowling Green.


Yeah, see what I mean about the uncrowded platform?


Holy flash, Batman!


I don't think that I want that woman's backside on top of my blog for all eternity.


Whoops, train's done!

So, the photoshoot continues!


In my new job we have summer hours for July and August. This means that we get out of the office on three every Friday.

I'm thinking that I should do summer hours for this blog. Knitting just isn't doing it for me lately. Most of this is due to the heat, as I've written before. I've got projects hanging out all over the place. First, we have the purple cardi, which needs a good blocking. Then we have the baby booties. Baby booties! Such teeny things, and they're in the UFO pile. Shame on me! And what more, I like knitting baby booties. This shows you how low the knitting mojo is around here.

But, we're also househunting for the new chez Subway Knitter, and I find this a bit distracting. Because of that, when I do have a few down moments I prefer to sink into some fiction, rather than my knitting (which always gives me a clear head to think, think, interest rates, think, square footage, think, think, this is never going to end, think, think, closing costs). Personally, I find the business of looking for a place slightly less stressful than the business of selling a place. Strangers traipsing through my space? Not my idea of a good time. When I had showings for the condo I made sure that anything very personal was hidden away. I didn't want you to know anything about me.

Apparently I was unusual in this desire. We're looking at lots of places and in them I often notice many personal items. I know names, I see what the owner(s) look(s) like. I know what they do for work. I know how much they owe in common charges.

And in fact, in one place we saw I know something else:


Ha! You just never know where you're going to find one of us. This place didn't happen to make our cut (a five-foot wide room is not a "second bedroom" even by NYC standards). I'm not going to buy a place just because a knitter lives there, even if the stash is included.

Summer in the City

It is so flippin' hot in New York at the moment that I want to shave my head.

As the non-so-subtle smell of eight million sweaty bodies settles over the five boroughs, I can confidently say that my urge to knit has melted away as fast as that Popsicle you left lying in the sun. Wool? Not in this weather.

Cotton, perhaps, would be okay. I've hinted about baby booties in other posts. Here you go:

Some of you might recognize the pattern as the Bee Shoes from 50 Baby Booties to Knit. The colors, of course, are my interpretation of the bee based on some leftover Sugar 'n Cream and some green Reynolds yarns I had stewing in the stash. These will be for friends whose twins arrived a wee early. About eight weeks early, to be exact. All is well with everyone, so it's time to get knittin'.


As much as I like these patterns, I don't like the eleventymillion ends you need to weave in at the end. All these ends for Baby Booties? Hmm, I'm not so sure.


I am sure, however, that the results are too cute to think about the ends once the bootie is done. Eeep!

MySpace for Knitters

Ravelry, it's the MySpace for knitters! And I mean that in a good way.

Another Boston expat, Bookish Wendy, sent me an invitation at least two months ago. But, what with the move, the new job, the new everything (I know, I know, you're all getting tired of that old excuse) I didn't give it my full attention until this weekend.

So, Saturday's midday project was to get myself set up over there. I updated my profile, and uploaded a cute pic. Then, I set out to do one thing: get together some yarn/pattern ideas for a new scarf I want to knit sometime in the fall.

Simple, right? Ha! Now I know why Ravelery's going to be the time-sink website of 2007. After logging in, I noticed some messages. Sixteen messages. Sixteen people wanted to be my friend! Sixteen! One-six!

Of course I wanted to know who all these people were. Click, click, click, click...one hour later...click!

Oh yeah, the scarf. Let's go to patterns. Oooh, look, recently uploaded patterns. Click, click, click...eeeep! Look at these booties. So cute! Hmm, I'm knitting some baby gifts right now, let's add these to My Favorites.

Scarf!! Right, right.

Long story short, I never did get to that scarf. I suppose that knitters use the site in different ways. It would be interesting to see some stats on that. It's the virtual browsing that's gonna get me.

Catching Up

I'm finally able to catch up in some peripheral areas of my life. Have you ever had the experience of knowing that you have to do something or finish something, but somehow the realization that the completion of the task involves actual activity on your part hasn't dawned on you?

It happened to me last night. I was having an evening. Home from work, evening swim thwarted because of rain (and because, despite notices to the contrary, the pool wasn't yet open), I had a mostly free night before me.

Upon arriving home, thoughts turned to a list of fibery tasks: must continue to adjust pattern, pack a project for the Spiders today, make dinner (which admittedly isn't a knitting thought, but a girl's gotta eat, you know.) Then I realized that I hadn't yet emailed the pattern for the Amazing CharlieCard Mittens (remember those?) to the magazine that's publishing it. I hadn't even typed up the pattern yet.

So, instead of writing out an adjusted pattern for some baby booties, I wrote a pattern for mittens. Do you know how unmotivated I am to even think about these mittens right now? But I am very motivated to get some moolah for the yarn budget, and until the editor gets the pattern, I ain't getting a dime.

I also read through my blogs. It is once again a pleasure to scan through a knitblog or two without worrying about the dreaded, but never-defined, Rule Number Five.

And what does the weekend look like? I'm finally going to figure out Ravelry. I am officially the only knitter in the land who hasn't done anything yet with her account. Let me get at least one thing up there. Please, pretty please.

That is all...

No Sewing for YOU!

As some of you know, most of my stuff is in a storage space in beautiful Long Island City. It's not far from me, and I get to visit my things every couple of weeks when I need to get something (like yarn) or put something away.

There's storage, and then there's deep storage. Out-of-state storage. I stashed some things that I knew I wouldn't need immediately at my parents' house in Massachusetts. I should also say that some things are up there because I knew that I shouldn't touch them during this interim period in Queens. Or rather, I should say that I put one thing there for that reason. One very important thing.

My sewing machine.

I knew that the temptations of the Garment District would prove too much for a weak Subway Knitter. I knew that all those fun skirts I see on the subway would somehow convince me that yes, indeed, there is enough room in this teeny place for a sewing project to happen. We don't really need the kitchen table. And, yes, I have plenty of closet space to hang a baker's dozen of new clothing items.

There isn't enough room, and we do need the kitchen table. Extra closet space? Not really.

So, for those reasons the sewing machine is far, far away. Unfortunately Brooklyn General is not. And it was there that I met up with Alison, the Wee One, and Alison's mom (also known as the Wee One's charming Grandma).

I simply wasn't prepared. I knew that there would be yarn. I didn't know that there would be such great fabric.


So, the motto for this summer is "Stick with the knitting, Subway Knitter". Boo, hoo!


Whew, I'm at the very last stages of my cardigan body:


You know how you're supposed to pick up four stitches for every five? I never do that consistently. I used to. But then I realized that so long as I'm getting enough stitches to keep my pattern even (such as an even number of stitches if I want a K2P2 rib) and so long as I'm picking them up evenly across the piece (i.e. I didn't pick up 25 stitches in the first inch, then only 5 in the second) then that will work.

And my comments seem to be working again, too. Most importantly I noticed that my recently installed and tweaked spam filter seems to be distinguishing between, say, Cathy (a legitimate commenter) and Mr. d40V3InA65G3rwA (spam). So, while I'm not one to beg for comments, if you are reading this post and you do have time, can you help me test my comments today? Thanks!

Snakes on a Plane?

Math on a train.


Remind me of this post when things go horribly wrong. I might also be writing the adjustments on the back of a restaurant receipt. Remind me of that, too, when I can't remember what I should be doing.

And speaking of horribly wrong, my comments. Totally busted. That's what I get for trying to fix the spam problem. Ironically, the only comments that can get through are the spam ones.

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