Wright On!

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So, I'm back in New York, and ready to begin Day 1 of My Normal Life as a New Yorker (MNLNY), and honestly I'm a bit nervous about how I'll fit in. At least I know what to do during my commute...

Last week was all about the Mid West. First, Chicago, then Two Rivers, Wisconsin, then Racine. Last week was also all about Frank Lloyd Wright. I had to put down my needles to take a few photos.


I have to say, Oak Park, Illinois was yummy (and not just for the Wright buildings). This is the Arthur B. Heurtley House, I believe, designed by none other than FLW. Schwing-o (as a former colleague might have said when confronted with fabulous design). And that wasn't all the Wright we saw. We experienced Wright first hand!


Even the cardigan loves it! Okay, it might look like it's simply lying in the grass, but don't be fooled. It's swooning in architectural delight.

All in all, a good vacation.


Great houses! I love FLW. I'd love to retire in either a house inspired by him, a Hauf house or a Dwell pre-fab.


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