Subway Knitter World Tour?

Not quite. But I am off to my third city in just as many weeks. No I'm not moving again (I don't even want to think about that.) I'm off to Chicago, then Racine, Wisconsin for a vacation. Does anyone know any good yarn stores out that way?

So, I'll see you all in about a week.

Meanwhile, a picture of the cardigan in Astoria Park, with the Triborough Bridge in the background.


I'm in Chicago, and there are several yarn stores worth checking out. I'd recommend that you not miss Loopy Yarns!
( at 719 S. State St. Great selection and a really nice staff.
Enjoy your visit!

Don't know about Racine, but if you go another 30 miles north there is a cute little yarn shop in Elm Grove WI.I think it is called the Yarn House. I make sure to stop in every year when I make my annual northern pilgrimage!

I would suggest The Fold in Marengo Illinois. It may be a little out of your way, but she's the only place that sells socks that rock for hundreds of miles, as well as lots of roving and other wonderful goodness.

I don't know any good yarn stores, but have a fabulous time!

If you don't mind driving further into Milwaukee there is also Ruhama's. (

I'll second the Loopy recommendation. It's my favorite store. Also, I haven't made it to The Fold, but it's supposed to be heavenly.

Stumbled onto your site via ChicKnits, & want to compliment you on your magnificent instructions for Spring Breeze Top - Thank you!!! Was raised in Racine in different era - (breaks me up that it's a vacation spot!) but do check out the kringle (soft G - does NOT rhyme with single) - & the FLWright bldgs. Lilly

Stumbled onto your site via Knitsmiths, & want to thank you for your magnificent, careful instructions for Spring Breeze Top!!! Was raised in Racine in a different eram so no help re yarn - (breaks me up that it's a vacation spot!) but do check out the kringle (soft G - NOT like "single") - & the FLWright bldgs. Lilly

I hope you have a great holiday and it is full of yarn shops. Sadly I cannot enable you in that department.

Pretty photo of the bridge.

Great photo - I love the mauve against the green!


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