Amanda asked a good question earlier in the week: How's the subway knitting, Subway Knitter?

My new commute is in two parts. First, coming and going from Astoria I'm on the N or the W train. Knitting on that is cake (mmm, cake) because I get on at the last stop:


See? Few people, many seats.

On the other hand, once I get to Manhattan I change to the 4,5 train (Incidentally, how should I write that? With commas? Slashes? "The four and five?" You hear everyone say "Take the fourfive." But you don't see many of them blogging about it.) I seldom find a seat until Wall Street, and then it's only one more stop until my final destination.*


The 4,5 trains have better air conditioning than the N or the W, and these days that's nothing to shake a (wooden, pointy) stick at. Quite honestly, it has been too hot to knit this week.

Let's hope that The Point is air-conditioned. Today marks my first meeting as an official Spider!

[*To those New Yorkers in the know: yes, I could take the W the entire way if I desired a more knitterly commute. Changing trains saves me time.]


well, at least you can knit during half of the commute!

The fourfive sounds cool. I sure hope all those armpits are well tended...
It looks like a tough time to knit. How long is the four?

I think it would be 4/5 (N/R/W, A/C etc.) - at least that's how I'd blog it! Welcome to the Big Apple!

As a native new yawka. I usually say "take the four or five" which translates into the 4/5 for blog speak. But welcome to NY. I take the 4/5, well really the 5 train from Brooklyn and sometimes I get a seat or else I stick myself by the door so I can get a chance to knit. Sometimes I wish I had a longer commute so that I can knit more, but then i really think about it and think I glad my commute is short because the 4/5 trains are so very crowded.

Hey, you must be near me if you get off past Wall St. If you have 3 secs you say "4 or 5", if you only have 2 secs you say "45". Same for writing it out.

I take the V from deeper in Queens to Times Square. Even though it's a local, I find that it doesn't usually take much longer than the "express" F which frequently stops in the tunnel so other trains can pass in front of it("After you, Alphonse."). I urge you to try going all the way on the W a few times to see if changing trains really saves enough time to make it worth it.

This native's family says "thefourorthefive" Or if you want to be really retro, say "the Lex." My NYC is frozen in time at the rather unfortunate moment of 1986, however (I departed for your home ground in January 1987 never to return). So YMMV. I also expect Times Square to be sleazy and the lower east side (as opposed to the east village) to start at avenue A. I gather a few things have changed...


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