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Despite being on the go almost constantly, I got loads of knitting done on my trip. Unfortunately this cardigan was supposed to be done for this trip, but then the original plan didn't consider that I would move house in between casting on and binding off. But, I'm not far behind. Perhaps I can wear this by the weekend. Or the Fourth? Maybe that's a better goal.

I'll pack my DPNs this morning. With a little bit of subway karma going my way, I should be able to bind off the shoulder seam somewhere between here and the office.


I'm trying to send you good subway karma...

Looking good!! You haven't is subway knitting in NYC compared to up here in Boston??

Love it! Can't wait to see the finished product. How's the new communte?

The front is beautiful! hope you get it bound off before work. You really did get a lot done on your trip.

It's coming along great. I've been reading your blog for awhile and am dying to see the finished product!

the cardigan looks lovely -I like the little cable details in the front. Back on this coast you wouldn't be wearing it anyways - too hot! So take your time and finish by fall, right?

What a great color! I never finish anything that I start by the time it's suppose to be done, including Christmas presents =(

I'm considering emulating you .. to the point of visiting my son in Great Falls, and sitting in the sun in his front yard and making sweaters for school for his two young children ..


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