More Summertime Knitting

Whew, it's going to be another great day in Boston. And I'm officially on vacation for the next three weeks! Granted, that vacation includes packing up my home and moving 200 miles away, but whatever. I still have lots of time every day to sit back, relax, knit, and enjoy these last weeks in Boston.


Ah - bittersweet times. Enjoy each and every day of those three weeks. They are going to fly by!

The knitting looks so nice next to the basil!

The knitting looks so nice next to the basil!


what a great place to sit and knit, totally jealous :)

Enjoy your time off. Hehe.

Make sure you do, indeed, get some R&R in over the next 3 weeks. That looks like the perfect spot, too!

What a nice little balcony! Enjoy your time off :)

Awesome! Enjoy the time off, you definitely deserve it :)

That looks like a great knitting chair. Good luck with the packing.

That looks like a great knitting chair. Good luck with the packing.

Oh, you are SO gonna have a great time. You and I are moving at the same time, but I'm only moving two blocks and not 200 miles. I hope you takes lots of pics of your new place.

And you'll have to check out Apartment Therapy, based out of New York:

Hey, it looks like you may have a chance to breathe in and out and contemplate the transition rather than blast through it in a mad rush and then try to figure out over the next year exactly how the hell it all happened.

New York? How can the Subway Knitter leave the MBTA?

Remember: lift with your knees, not with your back.

I'm a little sad you are leaving Boston, but I'm very excited to see the Subway Knitter in the big apple so that I can visit vicariously!

Enjoy every second! It will be crazy for a while when you make the move. Enjoy this peaceful time. Good luck with the packing.

When you get to Astoria, you should check out Astoria's Crafty Knitty group. They meet at The Freeze Peach every Thursday night.
Good luck with everything, I've enjoyed your blog very much.

Good luck with the move, let's see that sweater finished first! L

wow that seems fast! i'm sure it's not to you. enjoy these next few weeks. it's so rare to get such a big chunk of time off.

Summer knitting is so lovely. Best wishes for the packing and the moving and all the excitement.

Have a great time!

What a whole lot of great shake-up news on this here blog. I'm wondering if there is more than a job taking you to NYC.



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