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Well, the people in my old neighborhood must have lots to be proud of today. Way to go Massachusetts!

Meanwhile in my new neighborhood, I'm busy making discoveries. Did I know that there are two fabric/yarn stores within walking distance of my front door? I did not.

These aren't fantastic yarn or fabric stores. In fact, describing them as "basic" would be generous. Still, if I need a spool of thread, or have a hankering (hee, hee) for some Red Heart, I know where to go. Both stores are on Ditmars Boulevard, just a block or three east of 31st Street.

First, we have Lamia Fabric & Variety. It has an odd mix of merchandise. Fabric, yarn, notions, plus watches and hair accessories.

Here's a photo of the yarn selection:


See what I mean about basic?

Then, further east on Ditmars I stumbled across this:


As the name implies the store mostly sells fabric, although I noticed some Paton's yarn (on sale).

I've never had a fabric store within walking distance, never mind two. Too bad the sewing machine's in storage.


Welcome to your new neighborhood. Looks like you may have a beautiful weekend to explore!

You know, I saw a little old lady knitting on the subway yesterday with what i can almost garuntee was some Red Heart yarn and I couldn't believe what a yarn snob I am with my ball of silk in my purse. I definitley could not bring myself to pull that out and work on it in front of her. She was really going to town though, i've never seen anything like what she was doing. Shame it was in Red Heart acrylic. :)

get that machine out and get going... We have a 5 and 10 in the Heights here, and although I've never broken down and purchased the Red Heart or the few 1970s afghan patterns, it's come in real handy for thread, needles and other things!

Way to go Bay Staters!! I am very pleased to hear that, I wish the rest of the country would follow suit...

Better dig that sewing machine out. You could end up with a sizeable fabric stash.

It's a good day in Massachusetts!

hey's that's not far from my old 'hood. I grew up in woodside and went to junior high in sunnyside!

There are some pretty colors of yarn in there. Maybe some inspiration will jump out at you! BTW, love the play on words!

I've been to the fabric center! Funny little man who wanted to hold the fabric up to me but did not want to touch me. It was odd but they have tons of fabric piled up in that place.

Welcome to the new 'hood! You know, I think I see an acrylic afghan or two in your future :o)

All the best, Colleen!

are these temporary digs for you? or are you planning on leaving that sewing machine in storage for awhile?

That Fabric Store (the 2nd one) on Ditmars is where I picked up my first skein of Red Heart and needles! And I still knit today because of that store. I have been going there for nearly 8 years now. Owner is VERY friendly. Nice choices if your looking for your basic yarn.

Am glad to hear that you have a chance for a walkabout :D

Welcome to Queens. It's a fabulous place to live. And there are plenty of great restaurants your way. Take the N train.....change to an R train at 34th street and get off at 28th St.....1201 Broadway...School Products....3rd you have arrived.

Congratulations, Newest of New Yorkers!!! Have a great time exploring your new digs - and won't you have fun knitting on a whole new set of subways!!

Hey, The Fabric Center cuts foam to size. Now THAT is hard to find here in Boston. Just imagine all the cushions and window seats you can do! Lucky you!

Ditmars Blvd! I know I've reached NY when I see the signs!

I hope you aren't planning to keep that sewing machine in storage for long, Fabric Center looks like fun.

My parents live in your new neighborhood and I just moved out of it about 6 years ago. It wasn't the hotspot then that it is now - the folks who can't afford Manhattan have found it. Enjoy exploring!

I can't believe while I was way (in Boston) and catching up with the backlog you moved! It sounds like it's a good one for you - good luck in your new digs!

I've been to Lamia! It's a crazy mix of stuff :)
Yeah, Queens has lots of really cheap fabric stores... I'm sure your sewing machine will come out of storage very soon!

Glad your move went well. Of course it figures that there are fabric stores so darn close. If your machine wasn't in storage, they would be much further away.

My sewing machine is also in storage - albeit just in my attic - I save up sewing projects - then lug it out and do a sewing blitz - I'm going to do one next week - 3 skirts.

It makes the time getting out the sewing machine worthwhile - and I still get the fun of buying new fabrics and patterns!

Oh - I use Red Heart - I'm an advanced beginner knitter - and I always use the cheap stuff to try out a new technique or pattern before doing it on the "good stuff". I then give my Red Heart version of the item to charity (yes - you read right - I usually do two of each pattern!).

Welcome to NYC. See you at the next Smiley's Sale.

Congrats on your move to a new subway! There is a great fabric store in Woodside called A Quilter's Notion. Take the N to Queens Plaza and switch for the Flushing bound 7. Get off at 61st street and walk 2 blocks. It has a small knitting section, andt very nice fabric. I grew up around here...feel free to email with any questions.

Welcome to Astoria. You are photographing my neighborhood ;-) Lamia has tons of random stuff (particularly some great trims hidden away). There are some decent fabric stores on 30th ave east of 31st st. And the sari shops in Jackson Heights are also a little treasure of Queens. I'm not even going to talk about Manhattan. -- Lydia


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