Dear Boston,

Thanks for eight years of your time. But the signs are clear, I need to go:


I once read that fifty percent of Boston's population changes every ten years. That means that one out of every two of us lives in Boston for ten years or less. The constant turnover keeps the city vibrant.

Bye Boston, I'll miss you. But I know that I'll be back to visit and see how you've changed. And you never know where life will lead. I could be back. Meanwhile, I know that I'm leaving you in the hands of some wonderful subway knitters. Andrea has kindly volunteered to step in and maintain the Knit In Public, Boston list.

Catch you all on the other side.


Subway Knitter


Welcome to the Big Apple!

It's so terribly sad and exciting. Good luck in your new city!

So long, best of luck, and thanks for the Charlie Card mitten!

I was out of town for a long weekend, but plan to get that KIP list up onto my blog ASAP! Thank you for sharing it!

Interesting statistic about Boston. I believe it. I spent 2 years there 6-7 years ago. Most of the friends I had when I was there are also now gone. But I hope I'll live there again at some point. Good luck in NYC!


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