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I'm feeling pretty giddy this morning. Perhaps it's the coffee, or perhaps the tar fumes from my neighbor's roofing project (which smell weird, but surprisingly not horrific) are going to my head. Whatever's the cause, I'll take it.

I share with you something that I did this morning: I consolidated my Bloglines and Newsgator feed lists. About a year ago Bloglines became blocked at work. Apparently I was violating Rule #5 by attempting to access Bloglines. I could discover neither the text of Rule #5 nor of what it was a part. Newsgator, however, never suffered the same fate. So, what began as two identical feed lists slowly diverged as things were added and subtracted from one but not from the other. I hope that I can let the Newsgator list slowly fade into oblivion (never liked the format over there).

Add to that the fact that one by one all of my knitblog reads were being blocked (again with the Rule #5 stuff) and that meant that my blog reading (something I really enjoy) was slowing being stolen from me. And even when I could get to a blog, the photos and comment application were often off limits (yup, #5).

So, this morning, in a bit of internet housekeeping, I updated my Bloglines list. Whew! It's fun to be reading all of you regularly once again.

Something else I did (yesterday) was to get out and about. I had to buzz by Windsor Button one last time. Someone, please tell me where the WB equivalent is in NYC, because I know that I'm gonna need it. WB is just the right mix of a proper yarn store with a side of Michael's or AC Moore thrown in.

This greeted me at the door:


Mmm, Malabrigo Laceweight. And, the kind folk at Windsor Button also pointed out (hee, hee) that the Addi Lace needles are in stock.

Ah, Windsor Button, I'm going to miss you.


ooooh, they have the Addi lace needles? I think I know where I'm going this weekend!

Oooh. I am so heading over to WB. That's gorgeous stuff.
Of course, by the time I get there, it will be gone, I'm sure. ;)

I'm heading out, officially, DC, finally. I'll miss having WB, AGY, and Black Sheep nearby - have to drive into Alexandria for Knit Happens, or StitchDC.

You can go to Purl SoHo...mmmmmmmm....

Unfortunately I have yet to find some place in NYC as awesome as Windsor Button looks, but we do have the garment district full of fun fabric & trim stores...oh yeah great bead stores too.

If someone else knows of a place I have yet to find with everything in one place that would be amazing!!!

Oh well... I guess NYC has many other great things to offer though! :)

OOOOH! I want to knit lace sooo badly. Haven't found the right yarn. I'm allergic to wool! I'm going to try a wool silk blend and see if I can do it without sneezing, watery eyes etc Anybody have ideas? L

I will be checking back in the comments to see if there is an NYC match for Windsor Buttons... because it sounds like a great store!

Do you have any experience with Google Reader? I've heard that it's better than Bloglines, but I haven't explored it.

WB is a great store. When I was there in May, I had a chance to go to that store and I really enjoyed there. They pointed out the Sea Silk to me and of course, I had to take some home. The Addi Lace needles weren't in just yet, but I found plenty of other things to take home from their store.

I was in there yesterday too at lunchtime -- picked up some new (or new to me) sock yarn from Miracle Yarns.

I remember when Windsor Button had other retail locations - there was one at the North Shore Mall back in the late 70s/early 80s. I loved going there. I believe I bought my fabric and notions for my very first Home Ec project at WB.

I can relate with work blocking sites. I can still read individual blogs, but they have blocked the flicker photo website so I can't see pictures, which is half the blog. So I feel your pain!

I picked up a skein of lace-weight Malabrigo in "Sealing Wax" back in February. I'm hoping there will be time this summer to turn it into a rectangular shawl.

wow they're some great laceweight colors in there! the one store in philly that carried it recently stopped, and i don't look forward to picking out colors from their website (i remember you had similar issues too, right?)

I do like Google reader and bonus, my employer doesn't block it!

Aaaah... Malabrigo... close your eyes and say it slowly with me... Malabrigo. It feels just as magical in your hands as it sounds when you whisper it. Buy yourself a moving-to-NYC present of some laceweight!

I think Jessica has the right idea--I always liked Downtown Yarns on Madison around 34th Street--and just down a few blocks (or is it up?) are all those trim stores, or "doo-dad shops" as we like to call them.

lefty knitter--I knit a shawl in Schaeffer Andrea--100% silk! And although silk is expensive if you want to knit a top in it, just 1 skein is enough for TWO shawls!

I went to WB for the first time in a long, long time last week and it was so great! And I think you're right -- it hits just the right note of great yarns, but not a "stuffy."

Very nice yarn shop in chicago called "Loopy Yarns" on the 700 block of State Street. When I visited they were very helpful and very nice.

Downtown Yarns is actually on Avenue A around 3rd St. Dava may be thinking of Yarn Connection (Madison & 36th). I LOVE Downtown Yarns, but have never been to Yarn Connection. My fave NYC LYS is The Point (Bedford @Carmine near W 4th)though. I haven't seen anything like Windsor Button, but it looks fab! I agree with Jessica that the garment district may be your best bet for buttons, trim, etc.


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