Boxing Day

You all know that Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. But it's felt like boxing day every day for the past two weeks chez Subway Knitter.


And by now chez Subway Knitter is mostly in boxes. Except for the knitting, of course. Today all of this (except for the knitting) will be loaded into a truck.

As one of my friends said after she asked about my packing progress, "You're ready to not be living here anymore." In some ways that's true. My stuff is packed, there's no turning back. I'm relieved, happy, sad, excited, nervous, but ultimately completely convinced that it's time to go.

The knitting, however, is completely thrilled to be exempted from packing duties. Believe me, if I could have knit myself movers, I would have.


Good luck with the move! It's so stressful putting your whole life into boxes- it always makes me feel like I have way too much stuff when I realize how many boxes it all takes up!

I'm in the middle of a move from California to Oregon, and living temporarily (for two months) at the bf's parent's house. It's frustrating- to say the least- to have all our stuff so close, but so out of reach, in boxes. Of course, the knitting stays out!


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