An Indication

An indication of how disorganized my leisure time has been: I cleared out all of the unread posts in my Bloglines account for the first time in months. And I cleared them out by actually reading the posts, not by clicking the "Mark All Read" option. I also spent at least two hours this morning clearing out all of the old junk comments that have come my way. I began the task thinking "I did this a few weeks ago." Not so. The last spam-free comment days were from late April. The next task will be to sort out some spam protection once and for all.

Disorganized does necessarily mean bad. I've had lots to do. Lots to do that didn't involve sitting in front of the internet. And that, as you might understand, has been one of many welcome changes. I don't think that I could have imagined any of this happening a year ago.

So, in another break from the usual, I'm simply enjoying the process of this cardigan. I know that I'm normally a product knitter, but this time I'm letting the product happen as it will and am letting the process envelop me.


As a temporary measure, I've enabled comment modification. This means that your comment won't show up on the blog until I approve it. Also, in my de-spamming spree I think that I accidentally banned some of you from commenting. Sorry! If you have problems posting a comment, drop me an email at colleen[st]subwayknitter[dot]com.


Uh, clicking buttons again. I'm so guilty of that. Today as a matter of fact. :)
Will you be changing the logo at the top from a subway train to a moving van???

The cardigan is looking lovely :) I know what you mean though: sometimes I think I can whip up a project and then life gets in the way... But things will be back to "normal" soon!
Hey, it looks like I can comment!

woo, the sweater is chugging along... :)

I think that when I'm getting ready to move, I am consumed by "little" things that I've ignored for too long. Clearing out my inbox and even blurry pics from my hard drive are a top priority, then I feel like I can pack some boxes :).

The cardigan is looking great so far, keep up the great work :)

Nice progress. How's the packing? I was thinking of all the sorting and tossing you could be doing. Well, sorting anyway. I noticed that there are 2 of us just signing Kathy. Can I change the name line above my messaged without causing trouble? I could be Kathy Sue--no one else will have that one, I'll bet!

Ok, your progress has inspired me to get my somewhat cowl moving despite my really good book!

I wouldn't call that disorganized. I think of that as ridding your virtual self of clutter. It needed doing and you did it. Check!

Your top is progressing very nicely too. You'll be done with the sweater in time for the move at this rate!

Your cardigan looks really cool....It's nice every once in a while to just relax while you're knitting, to not have any deadline or obligation, even to yourself...

Your sweater is coming along well! I'm glad you're enjoying the knitting.

AW! I'm behind on congratulating you on a wonderful new job, but what the heck...CONGRATULATIONS!

I left Kew Gardens, Queens in 2003 so they've been down a knitter since. Thanks for helping the team!


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