A Tale of Two Knitting Bags

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Windsor Button is a treasure. Jessica encouraged me to explore the Garment District in Manhattan. You better believe that I will be doing more of that. I wonder how long that sewing machine of mine is going to remain in storage....

And I was intrigued to read that Windsor Button once had other locations besides the Temple Place store. I hadn't imagined it did, but writing that just now, I wonder if the name reflects another location in downtown. I can't think of a Windsor Street (Place, Ave, Lane, etc.) in downtown (and perhaps that's why the shop moved), but Google Maps tells me that there is one near Melnea Cass in Roxbury. It's hard to imagine that a sewing shop ever existed over there. In Dudley Square, perhaps I could see it. That far out of Dudley on what was undoubtedly a residential street...

I digress.

Anyway, I began this post to write about two knittings bags. Neither of which entered this world to be a knitting bag. But that's how it always is.

First we have the urban girl's carry all. As you know, I'm mere days from becoming the MTA's newest subway knitter. I have this bag courtesy of an anonymous benefactor. Someone knew that I needed this bag before I knew that I needed this bag. Oh sure, I wanted it. But I didn't need it.


Or so I thought. Can I tell you how wonderful this bag is? How perfect it is for subway knitting? Not only can I fit a file or two in the outside pockets, but the inside pocket holds almost a limitless amount of stuff. Feel free to throw in your lunch, waterbottle, knittingandyour tool pouch, because this bag holds it all. I liked this bag so much that I immediately bought one for my sister who, while not a knitter, is a mom. And I'm sure that Miss Kate requires a lot of accessories when she's out and about. Now my sister can carry them all in style.

Second, we have the accidental knitting bag. A little more than a month ago I had a job interview all lined up in NYC (and we all know how *that* turned out). I needed a new bag big enough to hold a file folder and a small knitting project (because after the interview my plan was to make a bee line to the Spiders). It also needed to look somewhat professional. The BI bag above wasn't going to cut it. I found this bag (Tommy H. no less--and it's not emblazoned with logos, although the lining is a bright, very-TH, blue) at Filene's Basement and I thought the half-tied bow thing on the front was very cute.


And what's peaking out of this here bag? Nothing other than a signed P&S on my condo! I accepted an offer two weeks ago today (and a mere eight days post-listing) but I refused to blog about it until I had the signed P&S in my hot little hands. I'm happy that someone likes my little condo as much as I do, and I know that leaving this place behind is the most sensible thing to do (Subway Knitter a long-distance, absentee landlord? I don't think so.)


To continue with your digression, there used to be a Windsor Button Shop in Worcester back in the 70's and 80's, it was in the Worcester Center Galleria. I used to go there with my grandmother for yarn, needlepoint stuff, and, of course, buttons. =)

Yes, when I was a girl, WB had other locations. There was one at the Cape Cod Mall, one in...Hanover, I think? Maybe five in all? I remember when I came back east in '98 how happy I was to see them still on Temple Place.

So, what's going to happen to the KIP - Boston link? Are you going to change it to New York? Would you mind if I steal the idea and put one on my own blog? Maybe I'll take over the MBTA Subway Knitter duties!

yay! i'm so happy for you. and, i love that tommy bag, too.

All ze pieces, they fall into place, non? Thus spake Martha, "That is a good thing."

p.s. Love the Tommy bag!

Congrats on the sale!
And I totally agree about the Brooklyn Industries bag. As you know, I have the same one! And the store only has limited editions of each fabric, so I keep on checking out their website to see what cute new fabric they're using...

Nice. I've got another case of bag envy.

Congrats on selling the condo! One more things to check off your list.

And I love the bags. But I love bags in general.

Congrats on the P&S! There's a load off. :)

Want and need are difficult to distinguish when it comes to bags...

Congratulations on selling your condo!

Hi! There used to be a Windsor Button in the Assembly Square Mall in Somerville when I first moved here - I bought some lace for my wedding dress there (didn't end up using it!) in 1982. They didn't sell much, if any, yarn back then. Now that shop is long gone and I seldom get to Boston to visit the other one.

Best of luck in the other town with a subway - and with the new job!


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