The Problem With The Pop In

Is that sometimes things don't go as planned. Spiders, sorry that I missed everyone at Brooklyn General on Friday (although after looking at the website, my checking account is expressing relief). By the time that an alert blog reader (who also reads my comments, thank goodness) called to tell me that the venue had changed I was walking on W. 8th, and on my way to meet Shireen at The Point. Of course, I would have known where you all would be if I had mentioned this earlier. Next time, I will. So, uh, what about this Friday?

Not to worry though, as I had a great opportunity to catch up with Shireen and hear all about her fabby goings-on down there in the Big Apple. Apparently I just missed the arrival of Dina. As Shireen so aptly put it: viva Knitsmiths South!

And viva my sleeve! Look, look! I'm at the cap shaping:


Darn, I thought you still had access to email on fri afternoon! I should've known when you didn't reply that you hadn't gotten my message :(
Good looking sleeve!

Prepare yourself. The end is nigh!

Too bad you missed out on meeting up with the Spiders, but glad you got to catch up with another friend anyway.

Brooklyn General is such a great store. I hope you get to go soon! It's almost too overwhelming with the combination of yarn, fabrics and other lovely things!

Hooray for cap shaping!!

Yes, we intend to be at the Point this Friday. We had a baby hang at Brooklyn General. Looking forward to seeing you, will Shireen be coming?

ps- I'm finishing the sleeve on my Pink Tea Raglan, nothing is more exciting right now than whipping though sleeves- it feels like the home stretch, doesn't it?


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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