The Body Begins

As I wrote yesterday, this project is design-as-you-go.

Step one: cast on 178 stitches:


My current vision is a mostly stockinette cardi with two lines of cables running up under the arms. I also would like some cable details (which I need to sketch to explain fully) at the front corners and in the center back.

But right now I need to focus on getting outta here. It's another NYC weekend, another weekend with the car, and another weekend without my Knitsmiths. I miss you guys.


Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!!

You sure spend a lot of time going back and forth to NYC- have a great trip.

Without the Knitsmiths, but with the Spiders :) Everybody gets their turn!
(Oh, and we *will* be at the Point tonight).

Again no Knitsmiths?!?! We miss you!

Beautiful sleeves; I'm looking forward to seeing how the body design develops.

FYI, I added a link to Subway Knitter in my sidebar blogroll; hope you don't mind. ;o) Although I don't comment here much, I do enjoy reading along via Bloglines.


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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