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Yup. Here at Subway Knitter we're all about solving problems and getting things done.

Okay, well, at least the problem-solving part is true. The biggest drawback to a ribbon or tape yarn is how twisted it gets after a few rows. In the past I've let the yarn twist, and moved the twist away from the point at which I was working by simply taking more yarn off the ball. That works momentarily. Eventually, however, I need to stop, put a rubber band around the ball and dangle it from the working end as that twist slowly unwinds itself.

There's no way to avoid making the twist. Believe me, I've tried. Recently I decided to keep the rubber band around the ball at all times. I unwind a length of yarn, knit, knit, knit. Then, as I get closer to the ball, the length of yarn that's twisted is very short and it unwinds easily.


This might change my opinion on cotton-tape yarns. Just in time for summer...


That's a brilliant idea - I deliberately avoid knitting with ribbon yarns cos I hate the twisting thing it does!

That's a brilliant idea - I deliberately avoid knitting with ribbon yarns cos I hate the twisting thing it does! I'll have to try your solution!

twisty yarn is such a pain.

i haven't tried this before, but you might want to try a yarn bra, and then knit from the inside of the ball. it might allow you to let it untwist without having the hassle of taking the elastic band on and off.

What a great solution! This twisty business is what turned me away from tape yarn - so much so that I actually gave away a 10-pack of the yarn you're using.

Great tip! The twisting is definately the most annoying part of working with ribbon yarns. I'll remember this, as I'm about to start a ribbon yarn project myself.

You ARE all about problem solving, nice one!!

So I know its a lot of extra work, but have you thought of re-skeining with a center pool... it might not get all twisted..

I'm with Jody on the yarn bra. I don't know what I did before my LYS started stocking them. I've become very adept at making center-pull balls. Pull a yarn bra over it and a rubber band around that. Off you go!

Beautiful yarn and knitting!
I untwist with a lazy susan
on the floor, a basket on top
and yarn in the basket.
Just reach down and give the
lazy susan a flip and watch
your yarn magically untwist!


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