Oh What a Feeling!

I just can't stop blogging about my sleeve progress! Call it excitement, call it relief, call it a lack of creativity, I don't care. Forward momentum has been reestablished. I am one happy knitter.


Alert readers might notice the suitcase in the background. Normally this would indicate a long expanse of knitting time later in the day as I bussed, planed, or trained it down to NYC. Not so this time. I'm driving! Thus the title of this post (I have a Toyota). While I'm not super jazzed about the missed knitting time, I am happy to report that I can do a pop-in on the Spiders. See you gals later!


Love the new skirt and the sleeve is looking good. Too bad it's been such a pain thus far. Hopefully that means that the sweater will turn out fabulous and be the best thing in your closet so far.


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