Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

The Orange Line had a little something special saved up for my last morning commute.


Right across the aisle from me! That Lizard Ridge afghan is looking mighty fine. I know what it says about me when I could immediately identify both the pattern and the yarn in use.

Of course I still have quite a few T journeys to make before I leave Boston, but it's good to know that I'm leaving it in the hands of some very capable subway knitters.


I hope your move to NYC goes easily. I know you'll love hitting the shops!

Saw you mentioned in a knitting magazine last night. There I was having a cup of coffee and browsing the knitting books and your name poppped out! Congratulations. That's SO cool.

That's a very fitting end to your morning commutes!

Aw, happy last commute! There's a lot of subway knitting to be had down here in the City, don't you worry.

Your Boston era is done, but think of the wonderful opportunities on the NYC subway system. so many lines - so much knitting to do and see!

I certainly hope you keep posting after your move - and perhaps design a special mitten for NYC.

Thanks, so much, for the link to the Lizard Ridge afghan. I don't usually care for afghans, but this one I could see myself making!
Best of luck with the move and new job.

what a fitting end for a last commute. Good luck with the move!

Hm...The subways in NY are pretty crowded during the morning and evening commute for straight needles. I use circs even when I'm knitting back and forth.

I hope you continue with NY knitters too! I wonder if I will keep looking for cameras when I am knitting on the Orange line now that you are moving on?

I'm looking forward to shots on the A train!


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