Design as You Go?

How about frog as you go :-)?


I tinked back to the first cable row. Now I'm ready to respace my cables and begin again. I liked Virginia's idea about putting a purl stitch between each cable. But I was thinking about doing two knit stitches between each, to match the sleeve detail. Is there a benefit to doing a purl or two? Is/are it/they somehow stretchier?


i like the purl stitches next to the cable- they seem to "frame" the cable better and eliminate the appearance of holes.

I don't think there is a benefit in terms of stretchiness. I do like the look. I think it really makes the cable pop. But it really is a personal preference.

I'm so used to seeing cables framed by purls. It might be interesting to see what it would look like with knit stitches instead. But then again, how willing are you to tink it again? Purls are the 'safe' bet.

purl stitches next to the cable will give it definitely a different look. it's hard to see what you did on the sleeves but you may not like that it looks different.

I'm confused. Why do the cables on the body look different from the cables on the sleeve? Aren't they the same? Very mysterious.
And I have to admit that I like your original idea of a "shadow" cable which is *not* flanked by purl st... That's the traditional way of doing it and I specifically liked the different approach that you had! But maybe cables are worked with flanking purls specifically because of the stretched stitch issue!

I've always put a purl stitch on each side of the cable. I thought it was The Law.
(Now you have me questioning again!)

Thanks for the shout-out! I don't think adding purls will make it any more stretchy, but it should definitely add more definition to the cable, and you'd lose that ugly gap.

I kind of like the frame that purls make on either side of a cable, but truth be told, I prefer the flow of the knit stitch all around.

Especially if that's how you've done your sleeves.

Hmm, frog as you go sounds like how I work...

Have you swatched the cable with the purl on either side of it? I think with what looks like unstretchy cotton type yarn, you may want the purl to hide the inevitable gap between those cable stitches and the stockinette. A swatch may be the only way to decide though. Curses.

IIRC, the transition between knit and purl (and vice versa) takes more yarn than a knit-knit or purl-purl. Anyway, that should be a bit stretchier, because it's essentially a bit of ribbing.

I don't know what would look best, but that would be somewhat stretchier.


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