Continuation II

Things were running mostly smoothly here at Subway Knitter yesterday. It was just that I wondered where all of you had gone. The ability to comment was back, but the commenters were nowhere to be found. Hello? Anyone there?

Apologies to those whose comment ended up in my junked-comments folder. Guess what? Everyone's comment ended up there yesterday. They've been restored to their rightful place in my comments section.

As a simple fix, until I have the time to sit down with Akismet (Because Gleek was about the Nth person to recommend it to me. If it's good enough for Steph, it's good enough for me.) was to turn up my Junk Threshold in my MT Feedback settings. I turned it up to "2" yesterday morning.

Apparently, that's too high. It's back down to "1" and I'll keep an eye on it today.

The problem with fixing this, er, problem is that blogging isn't my full-time job (What? Does this surprise you?). Of course, said full-time job occupies many of my daylight hours. Then there's the gym, dinner, housework, sleeping, etc., etc., etc. Long story short, I have to schedule this task in with all the other tasks.

Funnily enough, progress on the sleeve is exactly (and for "exactly" read "to the stitch") where I left it yesterday morning. That's not because there wasn't any subway knitting. That would have been silly. While knitting, I noticed that I had miscrossed a cable. I know how to fix a miscrossed cable, and normally I would have done just that. Something, however, told me to tink back four rows. Maybe it was the fact that I was on the train. Maybe it was the fact that these stitches were close to the edge of my half row. Maybe it was just that I wanted to avoid a complete disaster. Whatever the reason was, I tinked on the way to work, and reknit on the way home.


By the time that I pulled in to Forest Hills, I was right back where I started. Just like my comments.


Hehehe... I'm not going to assume I'm first again :) Guess your comments are still disappearing somewhere. I like Akismet... it comes with Wordpress too and so far it has never made a mistake!!!

Cheers Eva

Still here, Colleen! I had some new muggle interactions lately and a couple of people mentioned the MBTA knitter. "OH yeah," I boasted, "I know her." Those net zero days get me, too. It's the price of perfectionism.

I just turned Akismet back on recently -- seems to mostly be working for me now (I had some problems with it before). Hope it works for you! :)

that sleeve looks so squishy!

Is that the way life goes one step forward and 2 bck just so we can be exactly where we started from to begin. Hopefully learning from our new mistakes. I love the color of your yarn. The sweater will look great when your done.

still here! I have been having good luck with akismet as well. Hope it works for you, and frees you up to do more fun things than fight spam!

Hopefully you can get the spam stuff taken care of so you can knit carefree again ;)

It sounds like you are having "a week", I hope it gets better :)

Maybe it's in the air. Two steps back for every one forward here too, hope it all gets better soon!

I thought that was the same picture. Just thought bloglines screwed up. That's going to be pretty when it's done. Wishing I could ride the subway right now. Fab knitting time.



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