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So yesterday, in an attempt to change the scenery 'round here, I found myself at my local café, Java Jo's. I like Java Jo's but I don't get there a lot. When the shop first opened, it closed ridiculously early, something like 7pm, and since then I my habit has been to go there on the weekends only. And since many of my weekends are spent elsewhere, well, as I just wrote, I don't get there a lot.

Anyway, yesterday I was there. It was me, a pot of Earl Grey, and my knitting. I watched the absolutely bizarre-o weather, and I knit on my cardigan.

It's been a while since I've been able to post a photo like this.


I think coffe shops should be open 24/7. I'm more likely to need caffeine at 3 am than 7 pm! The sweater looks good. I knit by feel and look so I never use the markers, but it sure looks more impressive to have them!

That's a lot of stitch markers!

Yesterday I was desperate for a café to knit in, but the only one in town was hosting some type of Christian youth music fest--not my cup of tea at all..., so I knitted on my front porch instead.

Wowee! That's a lot of st markers :)

I see NOTHING wrong with using all those markers. I've used tons more at one time myself. But never in public. :)

KIP on KIP'n on!

(sorry...bad pun ;-)

Oh if there were a place in this burg, opened late, with free wifi and caffeine then I'd be knitting there too. The only reason we have Friday Night Knit Night at Barnes and Nobles is because they have coffee and are open till 11pm. Otherwise we'd be outta there.

I live on a rock in the middle of no please let me live vicariously through you!!! public place to knit in....woohoo......there is no public here, we are all one big family.....but when we get to the mainland I knit everywhere, the YMCA while dear daughter does wimming lessons....I love the conversations that happen simply because you are knitting.....Since you outed me I will post more often :)

Haha, wow! I ended up in there once, accidentally. I was taking a January trip to the Arboretum with some friends, and we stopped there for some warm drinks. It's a lovely little place. I'm glad to know it's knitter-friendly :)


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