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Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

The Orange Line had a little something special saved up for my last morning commute.


Right across the aisle from me! That Lizard Ridge afghan is looking mighty fine. I know what it says about me when I could immediately identify both the pattern and the yarn in use.

Of course I still have quite a few T journeys to make before I leave Boston, but it's good to know that I'm leaving it in the hands of some very capable subway knitters.

Park KIPing

I don't know if it's because Boston has finally defrosted, or if I'm just in the process of saying goodbye, but I'm KIPing it all over the place lately


Southwest Corridor Park, almost at Mass. Ave.

Eight Million and One

What's that?

A. The number of stitches in my current WIP.

B. The population of New York City after I move there.

C. The number of things I need to do before I leave.

D. All of the above.

The correct answer is D. Yup! There's no delicate way to put this: I am moving to New York. This is something that I've known about for exactly two weeks. But between needing time to let the reality of what I'm about to do sink in, and the shock wear off [I'm doing what? When?!] and needing time to fill in my bestest knitbuds in person, you all are just hearing about this now.

Needless to say it caught me by surprise, too. The past year has been all about shaking things up. Alert blog readers might have noticed an increase in my trips to New York and a decrease in weekend blog posts. There's a very good reason for that.

Admittedly, then, a move to New York wasn't completely unanticipated, but I definitely didn't expect it to happen when it did (which is to say, now). The timing was prompted by a fantastic job which I was offered earlier in the month. I've known for a while that it was time to find something new career-wise, but I expected the process to be a slow, patient one. I wasn't planning to start (and conclude) a job search within a month--especially one that was New York-based. I know, however, that cool jobs for people like me are few and far. And therefore, I am seizing it.

As Shannon pointed out when she and Jason moved to DC last year, every move has its happy parts and its sad parts. I'm going to be sad to leave Boston. It's been home for eight years. I made friends, connections--a life. But at the same time, moving on is the right thing to do. I have always said that I would move to New York in a second if the right opportunity came along. This is the right opportunity. While the timing is not perfect, the situation nearly is: I have a job, I have time to sell my condo (please oh please send me those positive real-estate vibes), I don't have to swing two places while I do it, and I already have a new place to live. And in spite of the eight million things on my to-do list, I'm excited to be moving to New York, discovering a new place, and starting a new chapter in my life.

The Knitsmiths took it well. True to form, being the good friends that they are, they're disappointed that I'm leaving, but happy for the reasons behind the move. Dana went to far as to tell me that she's very happy for me, but that I suck. Thanks guys! That means a lot. And now, you just have one more reason to visit NYC. Viva Knitsmiths South!

So pretty soon I will be headed to Astoria, Queens. The blog's excited, too. Just think of the subway knitting!

Not Much to Report

I don't have much to report today.


Progress on the sweater is good. Boston being as warm and sunny as it is, I think that I'll see some outside KIPing around lunchtime.

I was happy to read that many of you thought the whole rubber-band-round-the-yarn thing was a clever idea. At first I thought that perhaps I was a little late to the party with that one. Perhaps that's how all of you have always managed your ribbon yarn.

The twist in the ribbon yarn does not come from the unwinding from the ball. It comes from the knitting. As you grab the yarn with your needles, a twist occurs. This is unnoticeable in a spun yarn, but because you want the ribbon yarn to remain flat, it's important to manage the twisting. I haven't found that a center-pull ball eliminates the twisting. Has anyone else?

Problem Solved

Yup. Here at Subway Knitter we're all about solving problems and getting things done.

Okay, well, at least the problem-solving part is true. The biggest drawback to a ribbon or tape yarn is how twisted it gets after a few rows. In the past I've let the yarn twist, and moved the twist away from the point at which I was working by simply taking more yarn off the ball. That works momentarily. Eventually, however, I need to stop, put a rubber band around the ball and dangle it from the working end as that twist slowly unwinds itself.

There's no way to avoid making the twist. Believe me, I've tried. Recently I decided to keep the rubber band around the ball at all times. I unwind a length of yarn, knit, knit, knit. Then, as I get closer to the ball, the length of yarn that's twisted is very short and it unwinds easily.


This might change my opinion on cotton-tape yarns. Just in time for summer...

How About Those Cables

Are any of you curious about how I addressed the two stitches in between the cables?


Two knit stitches! I loved the idea that so many of you suggested of two purl stitches. If I had not already knit the sleeves with two knit stitches in between the cables, I would have done that.

So, we have here what Veronique calls a shadow cable. And those stitch markers? They mark the locations of my cables.

Cafe KIP

So yesterday, in an attempt to change the scenery 'round here, I found myself at my local café, Java Jo's. I like Java Jo's but I don't get there a lot. When the shop first opened, it closed ridiculously early, something like 7pm, and since then I my habit has been to go there on the weekends only. And since many of my weekends are spent elsewhere, well, as I just wrote, I don't get there a lot.

Anyway, yesterday I was there. It was me, a pot of Earl Grey, and my knitting. I watched the absolutely bizarre-o weather, and I knit on my cardigan.

It's been a while since I've been able to post a photo like this.


I'm Back

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement yesterday, about knitting, blogging, and home maintenance. You all wrote some very kind things. I didn't intend for the post to be an expression of insecurity about my blogging or my comment numbers or anything like that, and I'm sorry for that confusion. I'm not sorry, however, that the post caused a few of you to delurk.

Nope, I was only trying to express some frustration about my bathroom ceiling and why I had no knitting progress to share. The ceiling fix took almost no time, including the application of the stain blocker, and it remains spot free. Let's hope that (as I suspect) this was the result of something overflowing, and not a steady leak.

Now, Suzeq tells me that knitting can't solve that problem. Ha! I beg to differ. I suppose that if all else failed I could just knit myself a ceiling cover and tack it to the ceiling. Out of sight, out of mind ;-). That is until the ceiling falls on my head....

Anyway, I hope that things will not come to that, and since this isn't a life blog, let's get back to the knitting.


I worked back and respaced my cables. The knitting should be smooth going from here.

I Don't Need to Blog Today

I don't have to write a post, because a) I didn't do a lot of knitting last night. For about the twelfth billionth millionth zillionth time I had to touch up the bathroom ceiling after a water spot "magically" appeared on it in the past few days. That's over and done, and since I'm not sure who does or doesn't read this blog, that's all that I'm going to write about that matter. And b) you're all going to be too busy reading Wendy's post from yesterday. There's a slew of cool links.

I would like to see the last item updated to read "When you Ride ALONE you ride with DICK CHENEY" Eieeeeeeeeee! That would be enough to get me to carpool (But then I wouldn't be the Subway Knitter, I would be the Carpool Knitter. Except, that is, on days when I drove.)

Design as You Go?

How about frog as you go :-)?


I tinked back to the first cable row. Now I'm ready to respace my cables and begin again. I liked Virginia's idea about putting a purl stitch between each cable. But I was thinking about doing two knit stitches between each, to match the sleeve detail. Is there a benefit to doing a purl or two? Is/are it/they somehow stretchier?

Two Steps Forward

One step back.

I finished knitting the waistband (about 1.5 inches of garter--to match the bands on the sleeves) and marked my cabled sections.


Yes, I know that those stitch markers are paper clips. Turns out that I forgot my stitch markers in Boston. But when I was at The Point, where I could have easily purchased new stitch markers, I was convinced that the markers were in my suitcase (which at that point--ha, ha--was not with me). Thus, the paper clips.

Paper clips don't make particularly great stitch markers. They work in a pinch, but they tend to get hooked on the yarn, and to cause a bit of a gap between stitches.

These cables have got to go. I don't like the gap that's developing on the cable rows as the yarn is stretched too tightly. You can't see this in the photo, but trust me. It's there. I'll redo them, but with two stitches between each cabled section. And proper stitch markers....

The Body Begins

As I wrote yesterday, this project is design-as-you-go.

Step one: cast on 178 stitches:


My current vision is a mostly stockinette cardi with two lines of cables running up under the arms. I also would like some cable details (which I need to sketch to explain fully) at the front corners and in the center back.

But right now I need to focus on getting outta here. It's another NYC weekend, another weekend with the car, and another weekend without my Knitsmiths. I miss you guys.

How Sweet It Is (They Are?)

Two completed lilac sleeves. All cables are correctly twisted.


One of you called my current sleeve saga "riveting". Don't know about that! I do know, however, that I'm pleased to be finished with the two of them.

And now, the body begins. I don't have a firm plan for its appearance. This will be a design-as-you-go project. It should be fun.

Closer, Closer, Closer

The second sleeve is getting closer and closer to being done.


I love the profile of this sleeve.

Barring a cabling disaster (and if you've done any reading here, you know that can happen) I should have a finished sleeve photo tomorrow.

The Problem With The Pop In

Is that sometimes things don't go as planned. Spiders, sorry that I missed everyone at Brooklyn General on Friday (although after looking at the website, my checking account is expressing relief). By the time that an alert blog reader (who also reads my comments, thank goodness) called to tell me that the venue had changed I was walking on W. 8th, and on my way to meet Shireen at The Point. Of course, I would have known where you all would be if I had mentioned this earlier. Next time, I will. So, uh, what about this Friday?

Not to worry though, as I had a great opportunity to catch up with Shireen and hear all about her fabby goings-on down there in the Big Apple. Apparently I just missed the arrival of Dina. As Shireen so aptly put it: viva Knitsmiths South!

And viva my sleeve! Look, look! I'm at the cap shaping:


Oh What a Feeling!

I just can't stop blogging about my sleeve progress! Call it excitement, call it relief, call it a lack of creativity, I don't care. Forward momentum has been reestablished. I am one happy knitter.


Alert readers might notice the suitcase in the background. Normally this would indicate a long expanse of knitting time later in the day as I bussed, planed, or trained it down to NYC. Not so this time. I'm driving! Thus the title of this post (I have a Toyota). While I'm not super jazzed about the missed knitting time, I am happy to report that I can do a pop-in on the Spiders. See you gals later!

Actual Progress!

Those four rows simply did not want to be knit. That was one rebellious section of yarn. Don't worry though, I forced it into submission. Here's proof:


Evenings chez Subway Knitter have been busy this week, so other than subway knitting time, I haven't worked on this sleeve. It's a little disappointing because I had hoped to have it off of my needles by now, but since it's been a good kind of busy 'round here, I can't complain too much.

Dear Subway Knitter,

Do you really know how to knit, or is this just one big knit-blogging scam you have going here?



Dear Everyone,

I know! This is getting ridiculous. But I'll have you know I'm about a half row ahead of where I was yesterday at this time. A HALF ROW! It's not much progress, but these days, I'll take it.

Here's what happened. As I was knitting yesterday morning (beginning the decreases for about the third or fourth time) I noticed that one of my cable sections had only three stitches. That's odd, I thought. Looking on the wrong side of the piece I saw the dropped stitch.

Here's where things when miserably wrong. Remember yesterday's post, when I wrote about tinking back four rows to fix a miscrossed cable? Well, after writing that I started to feel a little cocky. Why couldn't I unravel down, pick up the dropped stitch, work it into my cable and keep going?

Why indeed? Um, perhaps because I was on the SUBWAY?! Note to self: do not attempt major, intricate knit fixes while you're on the Orange Line (or Red, or Green, or whichever). This probably could have been accomplished easily if I had been ensconced chez Subway Knitter, but even then it's hard to fix something if you don't quite know what went wrong in the first place.


After about three minutes I had loops and stitches everywhere, and I began to do what I should have done all along: tink. After all that unknitting are reknitting I'm finally beyond the point where I stopped on Sunday evening. Three days for a half row. See, I can knit.


Subway Knitter

Continuation II

Things were running mostly smoothly here at Subway Knitter yesterday. It was just that I wondered where all of you had gone. The ability to comment was back, but the commenters were nowhere to be found. Hello? Anyone there?

Apologies to those whose comment ended up in my junked-comments folder. Guess what? Everyone's comment ended up there yesterday. They've been restored to their rightful place in my comments section.

As a simple fix, until I have the time to sit down with Akismet (Because Gleek was about the Nth person to recommend it to me. If it's good enough for Steph, it's good enough for me.) was to turn up my Junk Threshold in my MT Feedback settings. I turned it up to "2" yesterday morning.

Apparently, that's too high. It's back down to "1" and I'll keep an eye on it today.

The problem with fixing this, er, problem is that blogging isn't my full-time job (What? Does this surprise you?). Of course, said full-time job occupies many of my daylight hours. Then there's the gym, dinner, housework, sleeping, etc., etc., etc. Long story short, I have to schedule this task in with all the other tasks.

Funnily enough, progress on the sleeve is exactly (and for "exactly" read "to the stitch") where I left it yesterday morning. That's not because there wasn't any subway knitting. That would have been silly. While knitting, I noticed that I had miscrossed a cable. I know how to fix a miscrossed cable, and normally I would have done just that. Something, however, told me to tink back four rows. Maybe it was the fact that I was on the train. Maybe it was the fact that these stitches were close to the edge of my half row. Maybe it was just that I wanted to avoid a complete disaster. Whatever the reason was, I tinked on the way to work, and reknit on the way home.


By the time that I pulled in to Forest Hills, I was right back where I started. Just like my comments.

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