What's Up My Sleeve?


It's my cardigan swatch in the Jaeger Albany. Images of this cardigan are slowly forming, but its original inspiration was the Wanda cardigan that Berroco issued recently as a free pattern.

Concerns, however, about Wanda are many. Is it just me, or does Wanda seem a bit unfinished? Look at how the decreases along the cable line pucker. Does the rope-like cable along the waistband not match at the seams? Why can't we see the front? What mysteries lurk there?

If I were a different type of knitter, I could look at the pattern and pick out the decrease problems and figure out why the front of the cardigan remains invisible.

As it is, I'm using Wanda as a staring point for my own (probably simplified) design. The matter for this swatch was the cabling. Would a two-stitch or four-stitch cable work? (Four, definitely.) Should I cable ever two or four rows? (Again, four works best.)

I'm looking forward to having only one project on my needles. It's much easier to focus.


I love the way the Albany looks! I'm always a little skeptical when they don't show a part of a sweater, like the front! can't wait to see what you end up with :)

It sure looks like there is something sketchy going on with Wanda . . . maybe the fit is really weird. The puckering is definitely a problem, and the cabling is strange (and i love cables). I bet you'll come up with something better.

I think Wanda needs a makeover! It sounds like you've figured out what the problems are, and you're on your way to fix things...
Oh, and I love the spring yarn you've chosen.

I noticed Wanda, too, and kept clicking on anything I could get to see other views of this sweater. Too bad Berroco doesn't want us to knit this... I need more information! I'm sure you'll figure out a way to use Wanda as inspiration for something wonderful.

I'm looking forward to seeing this piece in progress. I noticed that pattern as well and both liked and disliked it. I've printed it out and stuck it in my ideas-to-play-with binder for possible future inspiration.

Welcome home. I admire your shopping restraint in the garment district.


Well, pioneer the way to a mo'better version and we will follow the way.

It seems there are some finishing issues (esp. with the seaming and collar pickup). I, too, am wondering why they failed to show the front of the garment.

As you said, this pattern is just a jumping off point. Can't wait to see what you do!

Definitely a Fish Called Wanda. I think I would knit the waist cable strip first all in one length and then pick up stitches along the edge to work the body as one piece. I'd also alter the design to continue the largest cable motif all the way up to the shoulder seam - it looks funny when it's truncated, and that reverse stockinet around the sleeve join is just begging for major rowing-out issues. No matter how even my tension is, my purl rows draw together just a little at the side edges of the fabric, and this design would really expose that flaw. I'm concerned, as you are, about the puckery back. I might try to solve this by carrying a few columns of ribbing up the sides of the cabled section, along the shoulder blades, in the hopes that they would help hide the increases.

Indeed, Wanda seems puckery. But you seem to be aware of the issues and will no doubt be able to fix them, right?;)

I saw the pattern and printed it out thinking that it would be a great project for soem stash yarn I have. I think I'm with you. I really didn't feel like the pattern flowed for me. I like the cables I'm thinking I could incorp. them into another garment. and build upon them. I mean why else do we knit?!?!

I love cables so I had looked at Wanda, and the words of many, many highly experienced knitters (bloggers) sounded in my head: "There's a reason they aren't showing the front!" I'm looking forward to seeing what you design!


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