Weather Appropriate

The cold weather that's been hanging around in New England has made it easier to be knitting a pair of my Charlie Card Mittens in April.


I need to run down to Windsor Button at lunch to buy a button. I started these about a month ago, and slowly knit my way through. I have only some ends to weave in; otherwise, these are done.

You'll see them again. Promise ;-).


Arrgh. I can't believe that mittens are still useful items in April! How is it going to SNOW tomorrow?

the weather SUCKS. it is mid April, right? Oh yeah.. we're in New England.

the weather is getting really old. aghh. global warming, my but. . .

cute cute mittens.

Lovely mittens :)
And look at that beautifully placed pocket!
We're sick of this cold weather in NY too!

Ugh. I hope we don't see those mittens soon. I hope you guys get a break from winter soon, seeing as spring came to the rest of the country a month ago!!!! I don't miss April in New England. All you have to look forward to is Mud Season. Suck. Hang in there with your mitts!

Nice color for those lovely mitts. It's snowing here in Chicagoland too, but it is not a tornado (looking on the positive side)!

You are getting quite quick at these...I love the color - how very spring like.

Great colors on the CCMs. (Charlie Card Mittens) As much as I hate summer, I'm really tired of the winter already. Snow tomorrow? And what about Sunday? Ugh!

I know... more snow tomorrow? SO over this.

I might get to see some snow tomorrow in Wisconsin - how exciting!

I just don't think it's ever going to get warm again. The mitts look lovely, such a pretty colour.

Those mittens are so impressive, they have just the right amount of pointiness to them!

I love the mittens, but miss knitting them! I live in Hotlanta so we haven't had any weather cold enough to need them!


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