Une Tricoteuse Mysterieuse à la Plage*

[Did anyone besides Dorothy B have problems commenting on Friday?}

The weather was such a distraction yesterday that I forgot to blog. That's right, forgot! I had a post lined up in my head and everything, but between the weather and my sewing machine that thought just went right out the (open) window.

So, it's time, I think, to tell a few stories from my recent vacation. Martinique was a whole week of sun, warm beaches, good food, and pleasant scenery. What more could you want? Oh, and Veronique, the only thing petit about those 'Ti Punches is the amount of fruit juice relative to the amount of rum. Egads! (They're good though--try one.)

Anyway, it would seem that even though I was on vacation, blogging wasn't. I spotted this woman a few blankets down.


It looked like she was knitting a scarf, or a dishcloth, or perhaps she was swatching for a sweater. And what was I doing during all this (besides taking photos)? Reading a book. Subway Knitter doesn't knit on the beach. There's just too much sand.

* Thanks to Maryse, who double-checked my French.


yeah, that Ti punch is crazy, right? i feel the same way about knitting at the beach. especially if it's humid.

Hee hee! I thought it was just my aunt who made really strong Ti Punch...
The beach knitter has serious dedication. It looks like her hair is wet too.

Oh man, if you ever see me knitting in a bathing suit, pleasepleaseplease don't take my picture. I suppose it's unlikely 'cuz I agree with you -- sand and knitting don't mix.

I agree, no photos of me in a bathing suit, eeks.

I third the bathing suit picture - but sand and knitting, nah, not going to happen for me either :)

Sounds like a great trip though.

Oh, Ti Punch is a killer, isn't it?!! I agree, too much sand at the beach to knit, you've got the right idea.

Glad you had a good vacation! I agree that there's too much sand at the beach to knit.

it would never occur to me to knit on the beach. glad you had a great vacation and i'm glad i could help.

I don't knit on the beach either. Too much sunscreen. Glad you had a good trip.

I agree with your stance on beach knitting. Between the sand, the saltwater, and the sunscreen, there are just too many things that could go wrong. Poolside knitting, on the other hand, is a little bit more manageable and I've been known to do that.


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