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HELP! My blog is getting attacked by spam comments. Seems like I remember someone (Cara?) mentioning an MT plugin that allows you to shut off comment for old posts without having to go individually into each entry. I can't keep up with the spam; I need that plugin.

Anyway, most of the skirt sewing was done in an afternoon. Finishing (sewing the hem; and tacking down the waistband, the lining's edges against the zipper, and finally the lining's hem to the skirt's hem) took another few hours.

I'm more than a little pleased with the result:


Please excuse the self-portrait-with-timer composition. [Although, I could see some artist doing the same thing and getting a big gallery show out of it. "Jane Smith installed digital cameras throughout her apartment and set them to take photos every 12 seconds. This is a selection of those images. Says Jane, "It's really an experiment in time and place. I want us to question our own perceptions about our lives.'"] So, maybe I'm on to something here.

It must be really difficult to photograph silk without it looking like a wrinkled blob. I swear to you that this skirt is not as wrinkled as it looks in the photo.

The details:

Pattern: Butterick 3134, view B.

Fabric: 1 5/8ths yards of raw silk that I bought in New York (don't even ask me what store--I don't remember). Lining fabric from WinMil Fabrics, Boston.

Time to complete: About a day and a half.

What I changed: I added a lining. I also changed the direction of the pattern pieces on the material, so that the grain runs vertically, not horizontally.

Would I sew (I almost typed "knit"--ha!) this again: Yes! I would also sew the slightly fuller version included in the pattern.


it looks really nice - and it's my favorite color!

The skirt looks awesome--great color and cut!

i use a script called MT close to do just that! you can find it here

To block future spam, look at the Akismet plug-in (which actually uses a service provided by WordPress). It's wonderful - it's amazing how much spam it blocks.

Really lovely skirt. I esp. like it with that top (did you knit it?). You mentioned the fraying of the silk - thinking back on that - would you change the grain direction for cutting next time?

i love it! sewing is so quickly gratifying when you compare it to knitting, isn't it?

ps - did you make that top?

This is a very pretty skirt. A day and a half sounds impressive.

The skirt turned out great! And it looks really good on you too :)

Lovely! I also want to know if the skirt feels any different since you rotated the fabric beofre cutting. My sewing teacher told me it would make a difference, but your skirt seems fine!

Do you have the latest incarnation of MT running? Every version gets better and better. Also, I'm sure I found that plugin on the Six Apart site where they list all the plugins under spam. I think it's called MTCloseComments -

Super easy to use! Hope that helps!

I also recommend Bad Behavior - it stops the comment spam before it even hits the site and your spam filters.

Cute skirt!

I love the skirt. The color is great!

The skirt is beautiful, and you got the length perfect! When my mom taught me to sew she said that skirt/dress hems should fall either above or below the main curve of the calf muscle; falling in the middle of the curve will make even the nicest legs look heavy. The skirt color looks nice with the paint color of your walls, too!

love the skirt! how much of a pain was the silk in the end? I remember you grumbling a little about it a few posts ago... :)

The skirt is beautiful, it does not look like it was sewn by a non-professional. You are inspiring my to try sewing again, everything I've tried in the past looks very home sewn.

Another great but of stitching!
I use WP, but this may work for you. You can close any combination of posts. Easy set up, too.

That skirt is beautiful. You really did a great job.

Nice work, what a great spring addition to your wardrobe.

Lovely skirt. At least, you're smiling in the photo. I always look like I'm in shock or something. Good luck fighting the spam!

Oh, and I forgot - no pattern with a waistband ever - and I mean never ever - fits the waist. I have been sewing since Lyndon Johnson was president and I have never had a waistband fit on any pattern I have ever used. I have used all the major patternmakers and some of the smaller companies and now I always cut the waistband 2 inches longer than the pattern. The actual difference varies, but take it from me - to avoid disappointment, always cut the waistband longer than the pattern. I think the designers must be perverse...but what do I know...

I forgot again - beautiful skirt! Nothing feels like silk - and looks so elegant! Brava!

The skirt is gorgeous, I really love that colour. Sorry to hear about the comment spam. Hope Cara's advice helps.

It looks great!

If only I could sew.


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