She Returns

Yes, I am back. You can expect vacation details to trickle out over the next week or so.

What I need to blog about today is the Harlot's appearance in NYC. I went, I saw, I was happy. By now, I'm certain that every other blogger in attendance has written a detailed post. I won't bother with another rehash.

My original plan was to land at JFK with enough time to leisurely arrive at FIT with, perhaps, time for a coffee. But then, Stephanie mentioned a tour of the FIT knitting labs early on that Thursday afternoon. I couldn't change my flight (Well, I suppose that I could have done that, but that would have been a little extreme) but what I could do is hope that every link in the transportation chain went seamlessly.

I had two good omens on my side. First, I saw this:


Another airport knitter! And, I'm could be mistaken about this, but I think that she's in the same seat (or darn close) as my first airport knitter. I don't know what it is about that particular gate in Terminal C, but it certainly attracts the fibery types.

Second, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a knitting spouse on my flight to New York. Apparently this man's wife just started knitting. "And she's going like crazy!" he said. Poor man. The guy simply has no idea what's he's gotten himself into. In a show of solidarity with knitters everywhere, I told him that he needs to support his wife by buying her lots of yarn. "Oh, she's doing that quite a good job of that on her own." And so it begins....

So, I obviously thought that karma was on my side. It was not. Getting to FIT by 4:10 with a 3:00 arrival at JFK was cutting it close--I knew that. The next series of events didn't help. There was a ten minute delay at Logan due to "traffic at JKF." Then we left the gate but hung around the tarmac for at least 20 minutes. Then we landed and waited on the tarmac for several minutes. JetBlue took 15 minutes to get me my bag, then there was a problem with the AirTrain. All this put me at Jamaica a mere six minutes after the LIRR train I needed (the one that would have gotten me to Penn Station with nine minutes to get to FIT) departed. At that point, it might as well have been 600 minutes, and I was in a mood most foul. Couldn't airport things go my way once in a while?

Deflated, I dragged myself and my suitcase to the subway platform (no sense paying for a LIRR ticket, when a subway train would do the trick) just as a train roared out of the station. Fitting, I thought.

I had an hour to myself to hatch Plan B. Stay tuned.


hey, welcome back! Can't wait to hear the details...

Are you super tan now?! Did you have petit punch?
I wonder what your plan B was...

Welcome back! Look forward to reading about Plan "B".

Wow. Plan 'B' is always a b*tch, isn't it?

So glad your back. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

Ouch. Sorry your travel fu just went south. I hope your vacation went swimmingly at least.

Hi,I am real glad that you are back.It sounds like you are happily rested.

I'm hooked and can't wait to hear more!


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