Remember that Dress?

Yesterday's post reminded me that I never blogged about finishing the sundress that I sewed way, way, waaaaay back in March.

I finished the sundress with no problems, and then I tried it on. The top? Too big! This problem was mentioned in this Pattern Review thread, also. I was hesitant to believe what a random reviewer wrote (maybe she didn't measure herself properly, maybe her seam allowances were off) but you can trust me: go down one size in this pattern. Rather than throwing the whole thing down in disgust at the time, effort, and money wasted on this project, I took the thing to my tailor.

Richard, at Bostonian Tailoring on Province Street (right behind Borders Books in Downtown), is my tailor. And he's a nice guy. He's told me before when something's not worth fixing, and he's made a few suggestions about things that have worked out beautifully. I trust his judgment.

So, when I explained the problem I was having with my project, he immediately told me that he would help by doing a fitting. He graciously gushed all over the sundress--especially the zipper--and created a fix that involved leaving the zipper in place. He had me take out about a half-inch from each of the side seams. Richard even pinned up the hem--shorter than I would have done, but the end result was great (see what I mean about the good judgment.)

He even gave me a hook-and-eye closure for the back. And he didn't charge me a dime. This was very kind of him.

Here's the finished product, perfect for an evening out in Martinique:


That was SO nice of him to help out that way. And it looks great.
Martinique, as in the Caribbean? LOVE it down there.

lovely - next time when you're out in the big city, you can pair it with some high heeled strappy sandals!

You look fabulous!

Very cute! and very sweet of your tailor, thats great.

Colleen, that looks great!

Really cool dress! I have yet to try making clothes - but it is definitely something I want to try!

i think it's kind of cool that you have a tailor.

nicely done.

So cute! Congrats on a well-fitting dress!

It looks great - so handy that tailor was willing and able to assist, and for free no less!

What a man!

I love that dress! It is ver nice:) Lucky you to have such a nice tailor!

You look great! And the length is perfect - very flattering. With that style, any longer and the dress would look schlumpy, and who needs that?! I can see it with strappy sandals and a funky belt ... or a long necklace ...

What's nice about that dress is that it's the type that could be dressed up or down. A truly versatile piece! Great job!

Very nice, and how wonderful to have a tailor like that!

What a wonderful tailor! Your dress turned out well, and I think Richard was totally correct about the length.


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