Ready, Set, Go!

I swatched, I thought, I even did some math. The simple fact is that I'm ready to begin my lilac cardigan.


I spent a long time with the swatch for this one. Which needle? Which cable? At the last minute I decided to knit a few rows with US9s in an attempt to get the gauge indicated on the yarn label. The stitches were just a touch too loose in stockinette. Plan abandoned, and I'm back at 4.5 stitches an inch on my US 8s.

I thought a lot about the edgings for this project. On Tuesday, Silvia's post reminded me to look through my pattern books to find a decorative edging. But then, in a hazy thought just before I drifted off to sleep on Tuesday night, I realized that I'm using ribbon yarn. How clear is a lacy pattern going to show in this stuff? Not very. So, I'm back to simple garter stitch for the edging, and I'm quite pleased about the idea.

Now that it's time to cast on, I decided to begin the sleeves first. But which sleeves do I use? I love the bell sleeves in the Hourglass Sweater, and I incorporated their shape into my Subway Sweater. In that sweater I think that I finally achieved the right armhole shape for me. Why not use it again? I easily adjusted those sleeve instructions for my gauge.

I'm finally back to only one project on the needles. It's so much easier for me to think about one project at a time.


loving! the lilac yarn -- very springy. great photo, too!

this yarn is just gorgeous

The yarn is beautiful. I really look forward to seeing the final cardi.

Beautiful yarn! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

That lilac yarn is so beautiful, I'm really eager to see how your cardi knits up. I think the garter edge will be good in the ribbon yarn.

lovely yarn. i clicked on the link to see your subway sweater and there was a pattern, but no picture.


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